Circuit Hockenheimring
Date 27.07.2014
Laps 70
Distance 306,630 km / 190,572 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
7 Kimi Raikkonen F14 T 308 Scuderia Ferrari .
14 Fernando Alonso F14 T 307 Scuderia Ferrari .


Hungarian GP – Allison: “Much work on both projects”

Posted: 22.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Maranello, 22 July – The Tour de France, currently in full swing, has a daily prize at the end of each stage known as the Combativity Award, given out to the most aggressive rider. If Formula 1 did the same, chances are Fernando Alonso would be winning that accolade, for his duels with Vettel in the British GP and with Ricciardo in last Sunday’s German GP.

“It was good to bring Fernando home a little bit ahead of where he started in Hockenheim,” reflects Scuderia Ferrari’s Technical Director James Allison. “Sunday’s race was exciting for us because there were lots of close-fought battles, plenty of overtaking and as far as we were concerned, lots of little dramas for us to manage, arriving at the finish line having monitored fuel consumption and the ERS system, all while keeping an eye on the ever present threat of rain during the race.

“However, it was disappointing that we didn’t manage to get Kimi into the points even if some of that was down to the damage sustained to his front wing earlier in the race.” In Germany, Kimi confirmed that changes to the F14 T meant that he was beginning to feel more comfortable with the handling of the car, so hopefully in Hungary, a race that sees the biggest turnout of the year from Finnish fans, he can get a result worthy of his talent.

Hot weather was the dominant factor in Germany, apart from race day and similar conditions can be expected at the Hungaroring. “It’s usually very hot which is a challenge for the drivers but also for the cars and their cooling systems,” confirms Allison. “The heat will most especially affect the Energy Recovery System, because it’s a short lap with no real straights and there will be a fair amount of energy passing to and from the battery. The track itself is usually very dusty and dirty for the start of free practice, but then evolves very quickly as the rubber goes down.”

The mathematical halfway mark of the season was passed a while ago, but the Hungarian weekend leads into the official mid-season two week break. “One week after the Hungarian Grand Prix, we are not allowed to do any work in the factory,” explains the Englishman. “So we will be trying to fit quite a lot into that week, to be ready to be up and running again immediately after we return, to be prepared for the next Grand Prix in Belgium”.

“This stage of the season always marks the transition point between the current racing car and the next season’s car, with resources in the factory transitioning from one to the other,” continues Allison. “So it’s a time of much work on both projects, with plenty of effort still going into improving lap time on the 2014 car, while pushing ahead with the 2015 project.”


Hungarian Polka

Posted: 21.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Maranello, 21 July –Sunday sees the 29th edition of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The race has always been held at the Hungaroring, on the outskirts of Budapest and the track has gone through various modifications, but nothing significant. Scuderia Ferrari has won here five times, making an 18% hit rate.

Behind the Iron Curtain. The race first appeared on the calendar in 1986 and it caused considerable fuss as it was the first time Formula 1 had gone behind the Iron Curtain, at a time when the Cold War was still real and the sports world had only recently dealt with the political boycotting of the Olympics in Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984. However, it proved to be a good choice, as the race still draws one of the biggest crowds of the year, even if the circuit itself is narrow, short, slow, always dirty and provides very few overtaking opportunities. Nevertheless, some of the greatest exploits in Formula 1 have taken place here.

The achievement of 1989
. One of those exploits was down to Nigel Mansell and Ferrari. The Englishman had nothing to smile about after qualifying down in 12th place. However, he made a good start and immediately made up four places. Out in front, Riccardo Patrese led from Ayrton Senna. Mansell staged an incredible climb up the order, lapping a second faster than anyone else. Once Patrese went out, the battle for the win came down to Senna and Mansell, but it seemed impossible that the Ferrari man would manage to get past. But then came a remarkable piece of driving, as Mansell swept past Senna, when the Brazilian hesitated for a moment coming up to lap Stefan Johansson in the Onyx. Incredibly, Nigel won by 25 seconds from Ayrton.

The Schumacher era. The world had to wait until 1998 to see Ferrari on top again in Hungary and this time it was down to Michael Schumacher. The German produced another of his bravura performances. He had more pace than the McLarens ahead of him, so Ross Brawn decided to switch him from a two stop to a three stop strategy. In order for it to succeed, the German would have to run at qualifying pace and he managed it, thus beating both Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. 2001 was a particularly enjoyable time in Hungary for Schumacher and Ferrari, as Michael won from team-mate Rubens Barrichello to become World Champion with four races in hand. The following year the two men crossed the line in formation, with the win going to the Brazilian. 2004 was the last time a Ferrari won and Michael Schumacher mopped up the records, as he equaled Hakkinen’s record of 9 fastest race laps in a season and Ascari’s seven consecutive victories.

Fernando’s First. The Hungaroring was the venue for Fernando Alonso’s first ever Formula 1 win, which came in 2003, as the Spaniard brought Renault back to the winner’s circle for the first time in 20 years. It rounded off a perfect weekend, which began with Alonso taking pole and, at 22 years and 26 days, he became the youngest Grand Prix winner in history.

The big scare. The Hungaroring is also the venue of one the Scuderia’s most worrying moments. In 2009, during qualifying, Felipe Massa was hit by damper, which had come off Ruben’s Barrichello’s Brawn. The Brazilian was knocked unconscious and crashed into the barriers. He was taken to hospital and eventually made a complete recovery, returning, as normal, to the cockpit the following year.



Circuit Hockenheimring
Date 20.07.2014
Laps 67
Distance 306,458 km / 190,465 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
7 Kimi Raikkonen F14 T 308 Scuderia Ferrari 11.
14 Fernando Alonso F14 T 307 Scuderia Ferrari 5.


German GP –  Progress and passing moves

Posted: 20.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Marco Mattiacci: “This was a very hard fought race for both the drivers and the team, which confirms the great effort put in by everyone on a weekend that never had a moment’s breathing space and in which we did our utmost. Fernando produced another fantastic performance, while we saw encouraging signs from Kimi, which unfortunately did not translate into concrete results. We know the weak points of our car and at every race we are looking for improvements that can also be useful for the new project which is beginning to take shape. Now attention turns to the next round in Hungary. It will be another demanding race, but at the same time another opportunity to improve.”

Fernando Alonso: “We did what we could today and even if as always, we were aiming for a podium finish, the cars ahead of us were just too quick. It was a good race, even if it was very complex, as we decided to change from a two to a three-stop strategy. It was not easy fighting while also keeping an eye on consumption and in the end, with the help of newer tyres, getting ahead of Ricciardo meant we finished in the highest position that we were capable of. Here in Hockenheim, we made a small step forward and even if that didn’t translate into lap time, it encourages us to keep trying to improve. The aim is still to score points to help the team in the Constructors’ Championship. So now our thoughts turn to Budapest. We will only find out how things will go once we are there, because every circuit is a story in itself.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “It’s a real shame the way my race went, because this weekend, I felt more comfortable and today, on fresh tyres, I was going well. Unfortunately, twice I found myself squeezed between two cars and on both occasions my front wing got damaged and that compromised my race. Tyre performance dropped more than expected and I had graining on the front left and was losing aerodynamic downforce. On the positive side, I was able to drive the way I like today. I am sure that, but for these problems, things would have worked out differently and I would have been able to finish in the points.”

Pat Fry: “It was a very tight race and with both cars, we pushed to the limit trying to make up places. Because of the accident at the start, we made up three places and both Fernando and Kimi drove very aggressively with a lot of spectacular overtaking moves. Behind the scenes, managing all the parameters of the two cars gave us a lot to do, from monitoring traffic, to the choices relating to the pit stops and fuel consumption. Unfortunately, with Kimi it was all more complicated, partly affected by a couple of collisions that damaged his front wing and affected tyre behaviour. In his second stint, we lost a few seconds because of graining, seconds which unfortunately, cost us a points finish. Fernando managed his race very well and thanks to his final move on Ricciardo, he brought home points that are important for the Constructors’ Championship. In a few days, we will be back on track in Hungary, a circuit where aerodynamic downforce plays a significant role and where we will try and get the most out of our package.”

  Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
ALONSO 5th 1:34:35.381 + 52.467 67 1.20.548 57
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 12 New Soft
2nd stop Lap 33 New Soft
3rd stop Lap 55 Old Supersoft
RAIKKONEN 11th 1:34:01.664 + 1 lap 677..111 1.21.338 55
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 20 New Supersoft
2nd stop Lap 34 Old Soft
3rd stop Lap 53 Old Supersoft
Weather: air 25/27 °C, track 30/32 °C. Cloudy


German GP – Alonso the crowd-pleaser

Posted: 20.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 20 July – The rain that might have helped the Scuderia Ferrari drivers exceed the current performance level of their car, cruelly arrived shortly after the end of the German Grand Prix, in which Fernando Alonso finished in fifth place, while team-mate Kimi Raikkonen brought his F14 T home just outside the points in eleventh. Not an exhilarating result, but Fernando yet again was a key player in making this an absolutely thrilling race. Two weeks ago he went wheel to wheel with Sebastian Vettel in the British GP and here, after a brief re-match, which the German won, it was the other Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo who duelled with the Ferrari man for several laps, thrilling the crowd in the grandstands and the viewers at home. Alonso finally made a passing move stick with a handful of laps to go. Kimi had a less pleasant day, even though he pulled off some aggressive overtaking moves. But he struggled after the opening stint, partly due to front wing damage.

There were other similarities with the last round at Silverstone: a Mercedes won of course, Nico Rosberg this time and the Safety Car was also required immediately after Felipe Massa’s car was rolled over at the first corner. Consolation for his Williams team came from Valtteri Bottas who came second, fending off Lewis Hamilton, who fought his way from the back of the grid to complete the podium trio in the other Mercedes.

At the start, the track temperature was over 20 degrees cooler than Saturday. The Safety Car was immediately deployed for just a couple of laps, after Massa and Magnussen tangled after the start, the Williams tipping over in the run-off at Turn 1. By that point, Fernando had moved up three places from seven to fourth and Kimi had gone from twelfth to ninth. Rosberg led from pole, with Bottas second while Vettel had jumped from six to third. Between Fernando and Kimi were Hulkenberg, Button, Kvyat, and Perez.

Kimi was powerless to stop Ricciardo getting by on lap 11 and then fought wheel to wheel with Hamilton to keep ahead of the Mercedes. Lap 12 and Fernando was the first of the front runners to pit, taking on a new set of the Soft Pirellis. Lap 12 and Hamilton passed first Kimi and then Ricciardo all in the same move with a small part of the F14 T flying in the air.

Around lap 15, there was an incredible battle for fourth with both Ferraris going to wheel to wheel, Kimi, yet to pit, having started on the harder compound, caught in the middle between Fernando and Vettel, all three cars bouncing off one another. This meant more damage to Kimi’s front wing and as a consequence it would affect his tyre performance from then on. The Spaniard came out ahead of the Finn but behind the German.

Lap 25 and Kimi passed Vergne to go into the points in tenth and not longer after he made that ninth with an aggressive passing move on Magnussen. Kimi moved to eighth on lap 31 when Button pitted. At his second stop, Fernando came in early in an attempt to jump Vettel and later in the race, Vettel would try the same tactic, which inevitably worked, as he came out of pit lane just ahead of the Spanish Ferrari driver, but the German’s tyres were still not up to temperature and, with a puff of wheel smoke, Fernando got ahead of the Red Bull on the curved back section. Kimi came in slightly earlier than planned for more Softs, unhappy with his last set.

With 11 laps to go, Fernando came in for another set of Supersofts to run to the flag, rejoining seventh, while Kimi was down in twelfth. The Spaniard was up to sixth, passing Button and he set off in pursuit of Ricciardo, whom he caught on lap 60 with the two men putting on a great show, with wheel to wheel action for several laps. Eventually, Fernando got the upper hand five laps from the flag.


German GP – Alonso fights tooth and nail for fifth

Posted: 20.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 20 July –Mixed fortunes for Scuderia Ferrari in the German Grand Prix: Fernando Alonso fought tooth and nail all race long, to finish a strong fifth. Kimi Raikkonen went well in the first stint, but then slipped down the order in the second to finish outside the points. The Safety Car came out immediately after the start after Magnussen and Massa collided, with the Brazilian’s car tipping over. Alonso therefore moved up to fourth on the opening lap, while Kimi also got away well to go eighth.

The first pit stops mixed up the order: while the top ten had to start on Supersofts, Kimi was on the Soft and thus running longer, so when Fernando and Vettel found themselves behind the Finn and, as they went either side of him, they bounced off one another, Kimi sustaining front wing damage. Alonso and Vettel kept close company up to two thirds distance. Vettel then made an early final stop to get the edge over the Ferrari man, who then had a thrilling 3 lap duel with Ricciardo in the other Red Bull, the Australian twice passing the Spaniard, but Fernando eventually made it stick. After a difficult middle stint, Kimi was unable to climb back into the points. Championship leader Nico Rosberg won for the fourth time this year for Mercedes. Second was Valtteri Bottas in the Williams ahead of Lewis Hamilton who went from 20th to third. Next Sunday it’s time for the Hungarian GP on the outskirts of Budapest.


German GP – A dream come true

Posted: 19.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 19 July –Ten members of the Scuderia Ferrari Member club had their dream come true when they were invited to this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Having watched qualifying from the grandstands, the ten lucky guests, chosen from among the members of the Prancing Horse community, were taken on a guided tour of the Scuderia motorhome and garage. They met Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, with whom they had a brief chat before having their photos taken and getting autographs signed. It was an unforgettable day for Sandro, Vishal, Sergio, Giovanni, Cristoph, Maria Antonietta, Dustin, Daniel, Sven and Stefan, who tomorrow will be able to cheer on their favourite drivers from the Hockenheim grandstands.


German GP – Playing the variables

Posted: 19.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Fernando Alonso: “We can’t be happy with seventh, but it reflects the fact this weekend has been one of ups and downs. Apart from the actual numbers in today’s qualifying, I did find I was more at ease in my F14 T and I think I got the most out of it. I reckon in the race we will suffer more because of tyre degradation. With such high temperatures, the rear tyres slide a lot and it will be really important to choose the right number of stops to make. The forecast is unclear as to whether the rain will arrive during or after the race and so we have to be clever at being ready to anticipate it if we want to be in the game. Here, as in Austria, Mercedes and Williams seem out of reach, but we will do all we can to be at the front of the following group. I hope to see a bunched up race, with a lot of overtaking, even though I’m not expecting too many surprises because the absence of FRIC hasn’t produced any significant changes, nor closed the gaps much.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “This weekend, a few technical problems meant I spent more time in the garage than usual, but already, as from yesterday afternoon, my feeling with the car had improved. Today, in Q1 things went reasonably well, but then in Q2, when I fitted the second set of new Supersofts, my car was sliding all over the place and I lost the back end in turn 2. After that, it was impossible to put a good lap together. I’m not happy with my grid position, but I hope things can go better in tomorrow’s race. It’s likely the weather could be different tomorrow and the temperatures will be lower. We will try and make the most of any opportunity because we want to have a nice race and bring home a good number of points.”

Pat Fry: “The result of qualifying is far from satisfying, even if it’s more or less what we were expecting, given the current performance level of our car. The race looks like being very difficult and the weather, with an uncertain forecast for tomorrow, could be the key factor. Temperatures were very high again today and in these conditions, it’s never easy for the drivers. This track requires maximum concentration as it is a relatively short lap and it only takes very little to lose a few tenths and find yourself down the back. Indeed, Kimi unfortunately lost a few in turn 2 in the second part of qualifying and didn’t make it to Q3. As for Fernando, he managed to improve in the final part, compared to his times in Q1 and Q2 and as usual, he pushed his car to the limit. He could not have done more. Tomorrow, rain could appear and throw up some surprises and we must be ready to exploit the slightest opportunity. However, if it doesn’t rain and it stays hot, I think tyre management and reliability of the cars will be the key factors, putting aside outright individual performance levels.”

  ALONSO – Chassis 307 RAIKKONEN – Chassis 308
Q1 P7 1:18.389 New Soft – 5 laps
New Supersoft – 3 laps
P11 1:18.534 New Soft – 4 laps
New Supersoft – 3 laps
Q2 P7 1:17.866 New Supersoft – 3 laps
New Supersoft – 2 laps
P12 1:18.273 New Supersoft – 3 laps
New Supersoft – 3 laps
Q3 P7 1:17.649 Old Supersoft – 3 laps
New Supersoft – 3 laps
- - -
Weather: 36/37°C, track 52/55 °C. Sunny


German GP – No surprises in hot Hockenheim qualifying

Posted: 19.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 19 July – The extensive experience of Scuderia Ferrari’s world champion drivers could be a great asset in what looks like being a very tough race, the hottest of the year, tomorrow at the Hockenheimring. >From seventh on the grid, Fernando Alonso will be aiming to make up as many places as possible, as will Kimi Raikkonen, who faces more of an uphill struggle, as he will watch the lights go out from the sixth row of the grid in twelfth place.

Like all the other drivers with the exception of Bottas and the unfortunate Hamilton, who crashed his Mercedes at the Sachskurve, because of a brake problem, Fernando and Kimi used both the Soft and Supersoft to be sure of making the cut from Q1 into Q2. The Spaniard did it by setting the seventh fastest time and the Finn the eleventh.

Q2 proved much tougher and would mark the end of Raikkonen’s participation in qualifying, as he failed to make the cut into Q3, setting the twelfth fastest time. He was unable to improve on his first run after losing a few tenths at Turn 2. Fernando however was through in seventh place. And indeed, that’s where he would stay come the end of the final part of qualifying, to secure a place on row 4, which he shares with Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat. As usual, the Spaniard had rung every last drop of performance out of his F14 T.

With Hamilton out of the way, Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg ensured the home crowd were able to cheer a pole position set by a German driver on a German track in a German-entered car. It was the fifth time this season he has topped the Q3 timing sheet. Next up were the Williams duo, Valtteri Bottas on the front row, with Felipe Massa sharing row 2 with the McLaren of Kevin Magnussen. Kimi has the Dane’s team-mate Jenson Button on the inside of him on row 6.

Pirelli went for the very aggressive choice of running Soft and Supersoft tyres here and they will face a stern test tomorrow, on the assumption the forecast is correct and we have another very hot race day. However, even the softest tyre in the range looked consistent enough on Friday, hotter than today, to do a run of 12 laps or so, therefore a reasonably conventional two stop race, running Supersoft, Soft, Soft, is the most likely scenario. The forecast for rain? Pundits reckon it’s becoming less likely, with the possibility of a nice cool shower once the chequered flag has been waved.


German GP – Fernando seventh, Kimi twelfth

Posted: 19.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 19 July – Qualifying for the German Grand Prix was disappointing for Scuderia Ferrari. When the race starts at 2pm tomorrow, Fernando Alonso will start from seventh on row 4, while Kimi Raikkonen will be in twelfth place on row 6. There was drama in Q1, with the session being red flagged, after a technical problem resulted in Lewis Hamilton crashing heavily into the barriers. The session resumed for a seven minute mini-session in which both Scuderia men made it to the next part.

Alonso dealt with Q2 quite comfortably, but Kimi, after a good first timed lap, was unable to follow the majority in improving on his second, so he failed to make the cut to Q3 by a tenth. In the final part, Nico Rosberg took pole for Mercedes in 1.16.540, followed by the Williams duo of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa and Kevin Magnussen in the McLaren. The third row is an all Red Bull affair, with Daniel Ricciardo ahead of Sebastian Vettel, whose lap was just 72 thousandths faster than Fernando’s.


German GP – Fernando and Kimi third and eighth

Posted: 19.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 19 July –Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen finished the final free practice session for the German Grand Prix in third and eighth places respectively. It was already very hot this morning during the hour in which the Spaniard completed eleven laps and the Finn did eight.

They began the session in race trim on Soft tyres, the harder of the two Pirelli compounds available. In the second half the focus shifted to qualifying, with all drivers running the Supersoft.

Fernando’s best laps was a 1.18.384, while Kimi stopped the clocks in 1.18.842. The Finn’s session came to a premature end when a problem was identified with the fuel pump on his F14 T and so the part has been changed for qualifying. Nico Rosberg was fastest with a 1.17.779, just 601 thousandths faster than his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. In between Alonso and Raikkonen, we find Massa, Bottas, Magnussen and Ricciardo. Qualifying begins at 14h00.


Allison: “Small changes add up to something significant”

Posted: 18.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Scuderia Ferrari’s Technical Director James Allison met the press this afternoon and the Englishman was quizzed by journalists on a wide range of topics, starting with today’s hot topic – apart from the heat itself – the lack of FRIC, the suspension system no longer being used by any teams in case it is deemed illegal.

“I think not having it probably tends to make everyone understeer a bit more because everyone’s front ride height will be a bit higher than it otherwise might have been,” began the Englishman. “It is too early to say whether it shakes things up or not – but if it does, it will only be fairly short lived because people because people will get used it and figure out a way how to get their car set-up without FRIC.”

With the same job title often meaning different things in different F1 teams, Allison was asked to spell out exactly what his responsibilities are within the Scuderia.  “I am the technical director of the chassis and I have an additional overall responsibility for the project of the vehicle, the whole thing, trying to make sure we have the right balance of risk and trying to make sure that we are ambitious enough with it. In terms of design changes, I sincerely hope that we will be able to make a decisive step forward with the car next year.”

When it comes to the engine side, Allison admitted this was not his area of expertise and he simply had to ensure there was a correlation between the engine and chassis sides. “I have to ensure that chassis and engine sides are taking the same sort of approach to the deadlines we are setting and the objectives that we have. It is especially important in a company where everything is under one roof and the opportunity for having that well coordinated is substantial.”

Since the arrival of Marco Mattiacci there’s been a great deal of interest in how the team structure is and will change as Ferrari tries to get back to the front of the grid. Allison tried to put it in some perspective: “you need to make big changes and small changes at the same time, because for any F1 team it is much easier to make a team worse than it is to make it better. So in an absolute sense, the changes that need to be made are quite small, but there are lots of them. They’ve been happening for some months and Marco’s (Mattiaci) arrival has helped galvanise more of them. Across the board in Ferrari there have been changes that are extremely helpful to moving us in the right direction. The totality of the small changes adds up to something significant.”

Finally, it’s the summer, so the driver market had to be a topic. “Both our drivers were in Maranello recently, both of them discussing plans for next year, both of them having our programme set out in front of them and having their opportunity to give us feedback about the weaknesses and strengths of our current car,” explained Allison. “It’s a great thing when a driver buys in to what we are doing. We are making a great effort to ensure they can see the plans we have in place. Kimi is quite new to our team, Fernando has had some years with Ferrari but has not yet achieved the goals he wanted. I hope the presentation I put his way impressed him, but you should ask him that!”


German GP – Adapting to the conditions

Posted: 18.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Fernando Alonso: “It’s nice to be back racing at Hockenheim. I’ve got fantastic memories of the last race here and I like the track a lot. Today, we concentrated on set-up to try and adapt to the temperatures, which are going to be extremely high all weekend. I had no problems with either the Soft or Supersoft compounds and we just need to understand how they will behave in the race and what the weather could be like on Sunday. I don’t think going away with FRIC changed much in terms of driving style and in order to have a clear picture you’d have to do a comparison with and without it, but running without it, we just have to adapt and be as well prepared as possible with what we have.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Like every Friday, our programme covered set-up work in the first session, then evaluating the tyres and doing a race simulation in the afternoon. Unfortunately in the morning, because of a technical problem, I had to come back to the garage and was unable to do an additional run on the Soft tyres, but thanks to a great job from the team, I managed to quickly get back out on track. In the afternoon, we made up for lost time and managed to improve on all fronts. Overall, it’s been a reasonably positive day, but it’s still to early to make any predictions. We will have to wait until tomorrow to know more.”

Pat Fry: “This was a very busy day of testing, affected by the particularly high temperatures and the new element of FRIC being banned. The absence of this system did not change our programmes, only requiring a bit of time for our drivers to adapt. Fernando had a trouble free morning, while on Kimi’s car there was a problem with the water pump, which cost him a run. However, the team sorted the problem quickly, so that Kimi was back on track in a short space of time. In the afternoon, we continued to work on set-up, also trying the Supersofts. As emerged on the long runs also, if the air and track temperatures stay this high, managing the tyre degradation, on the two softest compounds in the range, will become of even greater importance for the race.”

  ALONSO – chassis 307  RAIKKONEN – chassis 308
First Session P3 1:19.423 21 laps   P8 1:20.210 21 laps
                                      Weather:  air 26/31 °C, track 36/45 °C. Sunny
Second Session P9 1:19.329 32 laps P4 1:18.887 38 laps
                                       Weather:  air 34/35°C, track 51/55 °C.  Sunny


German GP – Looking after the tyres

Posted: 18.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 18 July – The track temperature at Hockenheim hit an amazing 58 degrees at one point this afternoon, a figure so high that any newcomer to Formula 1 might have assumed the temperatures are posted in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius! The heat was the dominant force in today’s free practice and it’s meant to get even warmer tomorrow, so that tyre management will be the absolute key factor for the rest of the German Grand Prix weekend. To put it in perspective, the track temperature on race day this year in Malaysia, usually regarded as one of the very hottest venues, was a mere 51.

Over the course of today’s three hours of track time, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso racked up a total of 112 laps of this 4.574 km track. Apart from paying close attention to the tyres in the heat – the Supersoft appears to lose performance quite quickly, but then “come back” again after a few laps – the team worked as usual on car set-up, concentrating mainly on race preparation. The fact that all the teams agreed not to run the FRIC suspension systems had little impact on the show, with the pecking order much the same as usual.

With a relatively short lap, the times are always close here, so that Kimi in fourth place this afternoon was only half a second off the quickest time, while even Fernando in ninth was within a second of the fastest driver. It goes without saying the fastest man was driving a Mercedes: today it was British GP winner Lewis Hamilton who set the best time ahead of his team-mate Nico Rosberg. Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull was third and actually looked as though he could give the Anglo-German team a hard time this weekend. In between Kimi and Fernando, we find Magnussen, Massa, Button and Vettel.


German GP – A lot of work in the Scuderia camp

Posted: 18.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 18 July –The second free practice session for the German Grand Prix saw Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso post the fourth and ninth fastest times respectively. Raikkonen seems to have found a better feeling for the car when compared to this morning, doing a respectable 1.18.887, completing 38 laps. Fernando Alonso did 32, the best in 1.19.329.

This afternoon, the Scuderia concentrated on set-up work and on evaluating the Pirelli tyres, especially the Supersofts as track temperatures almost reached the 60 degree mark.

In the final half hour, both drivers worked on race simulation, trying both compounds. Once again, Mercedes were quickest, but unlike the morning, this time it was Lewis Hamilton who was fastest in 1.18.341, 24 thousandths quicker than team-mate Nico Rosberg (1.18.365.) Third was Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull (1.18.443.) The cars are back on track tomorrow morning at 11, for the third and final free practice session.


German GP – Fernando and Kimi third and eighth

Posted: 18.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 18 July –Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen ended the first free practice session for the German Grand Prix in third and eighth places respectively. Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers covered 21 laps, although their sessions worked out quite differently.

Fernando set a best time of 1.19.423 during a trouble free session with no special problems. However, Kimi, who stopped the clocks in 1.20.210, had to contend with a water pump problem after just four laps. However, the Ferrari mechanics did a fantastic job to fix the problem and send the Finn on his way in double quick time.

It’s very hot today with track temperatures running at over 40 degrees, while there was little grip on what was a still dirty track, so quite a few cars went off. Quickest was Nico Rosberg in 1.19.131, which was just a whisker, 65 thousandths, faster than his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Splitting the two Ferrari men, we find Ricciardo, Button, Vettel and Magnussen. The second session starts at 14h00 local time.


German GP – Nations Cup

Posted: 17.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 17 July – Scuderia Ferrari’s sponsor for the past five seasons, Santander Bank, organised a karting event tonight at a track in Walldorf, a few kilometres from the Hockenheimring, home to this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Winners of the event were Scuderia test driver Marc Gene and Catalan journalist from TV3, Albert Fabrega. Competitors were split into groups of four of different nationalities, with one team principal for each group. The best drivers from each country then took on a team of Scuderia Ferrari drivers, featuring Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Jules Bianchi, a Scuderia test driver, on loan for the night from the Marussia F1 team, Marc Gene and Raffaele Marciello, a Ferrari Driver Academy student, in Hockenheim for round 6 of the GP2 series. The winner was decided by adding the points scored by the journalist to those of that nation’s allocated race driver, decided by a draw before the start of a race where the victory went to Fabrega.


German GP – Alonso: “I haven’t talked with any other team”

Posted: 17.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 17 July – With the temperature at the track already hitting 30 degrees today, the air-conditioned Ferrari Media Unit provided a welcome cooling off period when Fernando Alonso tackled his usual Thursday press meeting.

Asked to look back at his passing move on Vettel at Silverstone, the Spaniard admitted it was a bit special. “That move at turn 9 was a bit risky,” he said. “It was a one-off. I’d hope not to repeat it, as there’s too much risk of not finishing the race. If you are fighting for the championship, you need to step back a bit and think of scoring points every weekend. So hopefully, we won’t see it again, as it will mean I am fighting for the championship!”

As for the German GP, the Ferrari man felt the weather would play an important role. “Being realistic, this will be another tough weekend, with hot temperatures and running the Soft and Supersoft tyres automatically means tyre management will be necessary in these temperatures,” he explained. “In past races where it was hot, we were not so competitive. Here we have some new parts and hopefully they will bring us some performance. Our target is to beat some of our main competitors from second to fifth in the Constructors’ championship, where it is very tight and will be to the very end of the season. We need to reduce the gap to Red Bull and increase it if we can to Williams and McLaren, that are becoming very strong. I think it will be interesting. I have won three times at Hockenheim, twice at the Nurburging [European GPs] every time we come to Germany we seem to have a good weekend, so let’s hope we continue that trend this weekend.”

Asked if he was talking to any other teams regarding his future, even though he has a Ferrari contract, Fernando smiled before replying. “Every year now I get asked this question in July, maybe since I started in 2003. I haven’t talked with any other team and it’s not my priority. We have to score some good points this weekend and get some good results this year.”


German GP – Raikkonen: “Silverstone crash was just part of this sport”

Posted: 17.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Hockenheim, 17 July – It was a predominantly German version of the FIA press conference today, with all four “home” drivers joined on the panel by the Dane, Kevin Magnussen and the Finn, Kimi Raikkonen. With this being the Ferrari man’s first official appearance since the frightening crash on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix, the journalists were keen to hear how he was feeling now. “I had some pain afterwards, not so much in my leg, but more in my ribs,” he revealed. “That was why I did not drive in the (Silverstone) test, but it’s all fine now.” Raikkonen was asked if that was the heaviest crash of his career. “Probably! And hopefully there won’t be too many more,” he replied. “It hurt, but sometimes it’s the really slow accidents when you can get badly hurt. The Silverstone crash was just unfortunate, it was nothing serious and just part of this sport.”

Raikkonen remained positive when asked about the more general difficulties he is experiencing on track this season. “I believe the situation will turn around at some point, as it can’t go on much longer like this,” he maintained. “It’s true it’s no fun, but we have been in this situation before and always managed to turn it around. I strongly believe we can fix the issues and be back where we should be. How soon? I hope quickly but I am not worried about my future.”


German GP – De la Rosa: “Not giving up on this year”

Posted: 15.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


The opening round of the season in Melbourne doesn’t seem that long ago and yet this weekend in Germany, the Formula 1 circus is about to rush pell-mell into a pair of back-to-back races that takes it over the halfway point of the year and into the summer break.

The first of this pair of races takes place at the Hockenheimring, a biennial venue, as the race shares its place on the calendar with the Nurburgring. After the last round in Silverstone, Scuderia Ferrari and the other ten teams stayed on at the English circuit and, following Kimi Raikkonen’s accident, from which the Finn is now fully recovered, test driver Pedro de la Rosa was installed in the cockpit of the F14 T for one day. Part of the team since January 2013, the Spaniard spends most of his working life with the Scuderia in the simulator, so a day on track was a rare treat. “It was fantastic to be back in the car, it was such a rush,” admits Pedro. “It was an important opportunity to actually drive the real car from the point of view of correlating the results from the simulator and the track to see that all the work we are doing in the simulator is correct. Car handling, power delivery, so many things are different from when I used to race. That’s why it’s so important to have these test days for the F1 test drivers like me that do a lot of simulator work. We learned a lot in Silverstone, carrying out a steady development programme. Race by race we are improving and we are not giving up on this year, even if we are also thinking already about 2015.”

Hockenheim in mid-July is usually one of the hottest venues on the calendar and will provide a stern test of car reliability. In addition, Pirelli’s aggressive choice of running the Soft and Supersoft tyres will make for exciting racing, while requiring the teams to pay close attention to tyre management. “Hockenheim is a very complete track where you require everything from the car,” is De la Rosa’s assessment. “You need power, the right car balance front to rear and you need good downforce, because although it’s not a particularly long track, it has all types of corner. For example, in the first sector, you will need a very strong front end for Turn 1, otherwise if you have a bit of understeer there, you cannot put the power down and you lose a lot of exit speed. Good traction is essential for Turns 2 and 5, because after these corners come the two longest straights on the track, while the hairpin at Turn 6 is the perfect overtaking opportunity For the last sector, you just need a lot of downforce. That’s the part of the track with the most corners and it’s where a good car aerodynamically and mechanically shows up.”


Fight in the forest

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Source: Ferrari


Maranello, 14 July –Sunday’s race will be the 61st German Grand Prix as a world championship event. It’s been run at three tracks, Avus, Nurburgring and Hockenheim, although it’s more like five as the last two venues have changed considerably. Scuderia Ferrari has won this race 21 times, a 35% success rate.

The 50s: The first F1 race was held in 1951 on the old 22.8 kilometre Nurbugring known as the “Green Hell,” a truly difficult test for the greatest drivers. That year it was won by Alberto Ascari driving for Scuderia Ferrari. The Italian driver did it again the following year, while the Maranello marque made it three in a row in ’53 courtesy of Giuseppe Farina in a Ferrari 500. The next win came in 1956 with Juan Manuel Fangio. The race was only held once at Avus and Ferrari won that too, with the track made up of two long straights joined by completely parabolic curves at each end which destroyed tyres. The race therefore had to be held in two legs, both of them won by Tony Brooks in a 246.

The 60s and 70s: Four years later in 1963, John Surtees won in the 156 and he did it again the following year in a 158, a victory that would be key to his taking the title come the end of the season. These two wins earned the Englishman the soubriquet of Ringmeister. Ferrari won again at the Nurburgring in 1972, courtesy of Jacky Ickx and in 1974 with Switzerland’s Clay Regazzoni. It was here too that, on 1 August 1976, Niki Lauda had the terrible accident which left him with the scars he bears to this day. Lauda nearly died as a result, but came back to be the first winner at the new venue, the original Hockenheim with its six kilometres of straights through the Black Forest, the lap ending in the tricky Motodrom section, a serious of testing corners which required a lot of aero downforce.

The 80s and 90s: In 1982, Patrick Tambay won in a 126 C2, but there were no celebrations. In qualifying the day before, the Scuderia’s Didier Pironi, in the running for the title, had a terrible crash, which put an end to his racing career. It came just months after the tragic death of Gilles Villeneuve. The following year, Rene Arnoux won in the 126 C3. In 1985, the race was held at the brand new modern Nurburgring, which lacked the fascination of the older venue. Michele Alboreto won in a Ferrari 156-85 and took the lead in the championship. Nine years would pass before a Ferrari driver stood on the top of the podium again: it was Gerhard Berger, who in the 412 T1, thus ended a 59 race drought.

The Noughties: Five years later, Eddie Irvine won while in 2000, Rubens Barrichello got the benefit of the Safety Car, but also drove very well to stay on track in the closing stages on dry tyres, while half the track was hit by a rain storm. Michael Schumacher won in 2002, the debut of the new Hockenheim, with a completely different layout, as the long straights in the forests had gone, while the first and last sections of track were now joined by a long linking corner the Parabolika. The historic Motodrom was kept, but since the track now required a higher level of aerodynamic downforce all round, it was a less taxing challenge than in the past. The German won again in 2004 and 2006, while the last two victories for the Scuderia came courtesy of Fernando Alonso, who starred on German soil in 2010 and 2012.


Raikkonen: “Ferrari is more than any other team”

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Source: Ferrari

Kimi took on three former Formula 1 drivers, now commentators for the TV company on some grassy slopes, at the wheel of ride-on mowers - July 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 14 July –This weekend, Kimi Raikkonen will be at the wheel of his F14 T in the German Grand Prix, but in the meantime, here’s a film of the Finn taking part in a rather unusual race. It took place in the countryside around Silverstone and was organised and broadcast on TV by Sky Sports UK.

Kimi took on three former Formula 1 drivers, now commentators for the TV company on some grassy slopes, at the wheel of ride-on mowers. Despite having no practice, the Ferrari man used his past rally experience to come home ahead of Johnny Herbert, Anthony Davidson and Martin Brundle. After the “race” Brundle then interviewed Kimi and here you can see how much fun they all had and what the Finn had to say.


Scuderia Ferrari centre stage in Moscow

Posted: 12.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Moscow, 12 July – Scuderia Ferrari put on an exciting and spectacular show at the Moscow City Racing event today, with thousands of fans and ardent car collectors turning out in the Russian capital. One of the sponsors of the event is Kaspersky Lab, also a Scuderia sponsor and with its head office in Moscow. The weather also did its bit, making it a great day out for over 100,000 fans who lined the track on the roads around the Kremlin.

Scuderia Ferrari test driver Marc Gene was definitely the star attraction, not only talking to the press but also driving the 2009 Ferrari F60 Formula 1 car, which Kimi Raikkonen took to a memorable win at Spa Francorchamps, on three exciting runs.

This is Gene’s first trip to Russia and he was amazed at the interest shown by the knowledgeable local fans who quizzed him about his life as a racing driver and Formula 1 in general. The blue riband of motorsport makes its Russian debut on 12 October at Sochi, the Black Sea city that hosted the last Winter Olympics.
The Spaniard did a dozen laps in the F60, featuring tyre burning starts, demonstrating the car’s amazing acceleration. Marc also took part in celebrations of Ferrari’s ten years in Russia, leading a parade organised by the local market to mark the occasion, at the wheel of a 458 Spider. Also in Moscow, former Scuderia driver Jean Alesi, who also took part in the parade.


Scuderia Ferrari back in Moscow

Posted: 10.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Moscow, 10 July – Scuderia Ferrari has arrived in Moscow for this year’s Moscow City Racing event, which features international motor sport stars in action in the Russian capital.

Representing the Maranello team will be Marc Gene, at the wheel of an F60, the car the team ran in the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship. The Spanish test driver for the Scuderia is set to electrify the crowd with what is bound to be a spectacular programme. He will do three runs on the circuit, which winds it way around the Kremlin and thousands of fans are expected to turn up to get a close look at a Formula 1 car. Grand Prix racing continues to grow in popularity in Russia, boosted by the presence of a Russian driver on the grid and the fact that, on 12th October it will host a Grand Prix for the very first time on the Sochi street circuit.

Scuderia Ferrari’s presence in Moscow emphasises its relationship with Kaspersky Lab, one of the team’s main sponsors, whose headquarters are in the city and who are one of the partners of this weekend’s event.

On Saturday, Gene will also head a parade of Ferraris that will drive through Red Square, to celebrate the Maranello marque’s presence on the Russian market for the past decade. Scuderia Ferrari will be covering the event on its Twitter page, where one can post comments using the hashtag #FerrariMCR14.


On-going success!

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Source: Peter Auto


The 7th Le Mans Classic, co-organised by Peter Auto and the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, fulfilled all its promises and attracted a bigger crowd as the 110 000-spectator barrier was broken. The weather also smiled on the event on Friday and a blue sky and high temperatures greeted the people who arrived for the early-morning opening of the gates of the circuit.

Thus, the spectators who had already flocked to the circuit were able to enjoy the village and its numerous sideshows and exhibitions to the full. These included the Le Mans Heritage Club, the major French coachbuilders, the Technological Innovations, the many clubs (180 car clubs representing around 80 makes with 8000 cars), and later on in the evening the new Drive-In cinema whose theme was the motor car with classic films like Un Homme et Une Femme, Bullitt, Le Mans et Weekend of a Champion. At 15h00 daytime practice began followed by the night session for the 450 historic cars and more than 1000 drivers from all over the world (30 plus nationalities) including seven former Le Mans 24-Hours winners.

On Saturday threatening clouds covered the Sarthe. However, the start of Little Big Mans given by Jamaican Yohan Blake (second-quickest runner of all time over 100 meters and a Richard Mille partner) took place in the dry. It was an all win-win parade and it provided the opportunity for Alain Figaret – the official clothing supplier for these budding drivers aged between 7 and 12 – alongside Richard Mille and EFG, to reward the fair-play and team spirit of the youngsters taking part. Once the miniature racers (almost 100) had set off on their parade lap their life-size counterparts in grid 1 (pre-war cars 1923-1939) were getting ready for the official start of the 7th Le Mans Classic. At 17h00, Sébastien Loeb (nine-time world rally champion and a Richard Mille partner), who attended this event for the first time, lowered the French flag unleashing men and machines to tackle the 13,629 km Le Mans 24-Hours long circuit. The race for the six grids covering the periods from 1923 to 1979 got under way and continued until the next day. The parties in the paddock took on another dimension, and the crowd was invited to plunge into the heart of this magic retrospective of the greatest endurance race in the world.

A few hours earlier the first blows of the auctioneer’s hammer had sounded in the Artcurial Motorcars tent. After the Automobilia sale that began at 11h00 came the one for motor cars at 14h00. Under the hammer of Maître Hervé Poulain, who was celebrating his 40 years of car auctioneering, the sales totaled 13 264 345 euros including 13 057 760 euros for the part devoted to collectors’ cars. A record at Le Mans Classic! Over seven hours, 148 lots of Automobilia and 111 lots of collectors’ cars were auctioned. The highest price achieved was for a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster (1961) with hard top sold for 1 115 600 euros. 82 % of the lots went with a third of the cars exceeding 100 000 euros. More than 2000 people attended the auction creating a light-hearted ambiance and they cheered enthusiastically as the bidding scaled the heights. Among those present were 15 % Americans and 52% Europeans (outside France) as well as 250 clerks on Artcurial live bid.

Another highlight of the event was the very prestigious Concours Le Mans Heritage Club bringing together 30 hand-picked cars, which had all taken part in the Le Mans 24 Hours between 1923 and today. The jury, made up of numerous specialists from the world of the motor car, awarded the following prizes on Sunday afternoon.

- 1st in class 1923-1939: Bentley Speed 6 ‘‘Old N°1’’ 1929 (Bentley Motors Limited)
- 1st in class 1949-1957: Talbot Lago Grand Sport ‘‘Chambas’’ 1948 (José Manuel Fernaninz)
- 1st in class 1958-1965: Osca 1000 1961 (Roland d’Ieteren)
- 1st in class 1966-1971: Alpine A210 1966 (Geoffroy Peter)
- 1st in class 1972-1981: Porsche Turbo RSR 1974 (Carlos Monteverde)
- 1st in class 1982-2014: BMW V12 LMR 1998 (BMW Group France)
- Prix FFVE: Gordini T15 S 1953 (Jean-Louis Hamoniaux)
- Prix FIVA: ASA RB Type 613 1300 GT 1966 (Lucas Laureys)
- Special Prize: Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958 (Michael Malone)
- Prix d’Excellence: Rover BRM 1965 (Stepfen Laing/Heritage Motor Center)

The Concours Clubs rewarded numerous winners and handed out the following prizes:

- Grand Prix d’Excellence: Club Riley
- 2nd prize: Club Hotchkiss
- 3rd prize: Les Amis des Automobiles Michel Hommell
- FIVA prize: Talbot Owners Club
- FFVE prize: René Bonnet and Matra Sports
- Special prize (cars of over 30 years of age): Swallow Doretti Owners Club
- Special prize (cars of under 30 years of age: Viper Club

The 7th Le Mans Classic came to an end on Sunday at 17h00 after consolidating its success and thrilling its loyal public both on the track and in a village packed with sideshows and increasingly diversified and comprehensive exhibitions carefully chosen to plunge the visitors into the magic of the history of the motor car. The accessibility and proximity of men and machines did the rest. Rendezvous in 2016 for an even richer 8th event!

Race reports

On Saturday as feared rain fell but it didn’t really upset the on-track action. The herringbone Le Mans-type starts for grids 1, 2, 3 and 4 captivated the public as did the battles between prestigious makes like Bentley, Ferrari, Ford, Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW, Renault, etc, reviving the race’s glorious past. In total, the 24-hours racing gave each of the six grids the opportunity to take to the track on three occasions.

Grid 1 (1923 – 1939) – The Talbots still dominant
The French Talbots dominated the three rounds reserved for cars built between the two world wars. At the end of the first heat the winner of the 2012 event, Christian Traber, laid down a marker for outright victory by finishing over a minute in front his nearest pursuer. Michael Birch and his team-mate Gareth Burnett who stopped suddenly out of the circuit for what seemed like ages lost a lot of precious time. They then went hell for leather to make it up in the races run at nighttime and on Sunday morning. Finally in a last-gasp sprint they managed to pip the leader in the dying seconds of the final heat! Albert Otten in his BMW 328 completed the top 3 while Ralf Emmerling clinched the Index of Performance in his Brooklands RIley.

Scratch classification:
1. BIRCH-BURNETT (TALBOT 105 G052) in 2:19:55.407
3. OTTEN (BMW 328) at 12’17″469

Index of performance: EMMERLING (RILEY BROOKLANDS)

Grid 2 (1949 – 1956) – The C-Type Jaguar comes out on top
Alex Buncombe at the wheel of his Type-C Jaguar delighted the crowd with a festival of slides and daring overtaking moves in the traffic. The 2011 GT4 Cup champion was as much at home at nighttime as in daytime and he made mincemeat of his rivals in the first two heats. Maybe he got carried away as after a first near miss at the pit entry when he avoided an out-of-control car by a miracle, the English driver hit a rival at Arnage. Several favourites like Gavin Pickering (winner in 2012) and Carlos Monteverde, both in D-Type Jaguars, and the duo Mulder-Simon in their Mercedes 300 SL, suffered mechanical issues. The Finburgh-Newall team took advantage of race incidents and emerged victorious in their Jaguar in front of two Austin Healeys. The Aga Khan-Prill-Clark Porsche 356 won the Index of Performance.

Scratch classification:

Index of performance: AGA KHAN-PRILL-CLARK

Grid 3 (1957 – 1961) – Jaguar-Ferrari duel
As was the case in the late 50s Jaguar and Ferrari went at it hammer and tongs. The English make won the first round of the battle thanks to Pearson-Harris, while its Italian rival triumphed in round 2 after a brilliant display by Vincent Gaye from Belgium. The latter, though, was beaten on Sunday afternoon in the clincher. In the Index of Performance the little Lotus Elites powered by a 1500 cc straight-4 cylinder engine dominated their rivals and filled the first three places. In the first race Dalgush-Wills came home second overall in their 1.1- litre Lotus XI!

Scratch classification:
1. PEARSON-HARRIS (JAGUAR TYPE D) in 2h23’21″352
2. GAYE (FERRARI 250 GT BERLINETTA) at 1’23″727
3. LE BLANC (AUSTIN HEALEY 3000) at 4’19″575

Index of performance: WILLS-CLARK (LOTUS ELITE)

Grid 4 (1962 – 1965) – American stranglehold
The first shower of the weekend began to fall just before the start of the first heat. The sky grew darker and darker and the fading light heralded the imminent arrival of darkness. In these difficult visibility conditions David Hart put on a dazzling performance taking the lead in his Ford Shelby Cobra from the horde of Ford GT40s. Just when it looked like the Dutch driver would win at the wheel of his big GT in a straight fight the race was neutralised because Luis Perez-Companc’s 250 LM had vomited all its oil on the Mulsanne straight. Things fell back into place in the second and third races in which the Fords scored a triple and a double with overall victory going to the GT40 driven by Hans Hugenholtz. Hervé Guyomard, the ACO’s historian (heritage department) won the Index of Performance in a French car, the René Bonnet Aerodjet.

Scratch classification:
1. HUGENHOLTZ (FORD GT 40) in 2h23’19″776
2. LECOURT (SHELBY COBRA) at 5’21″444
3. LAJOURNADE-AUBRY (JAGUAR Type E) at 5’34″265


Grid 5 (1966 – 1971) – Lola’s revenge
David Hart’s Lola T70 dominated the first heat hit by occasional showers. There was a thrilling scrap going on behind the Dutchman between legendary cars like the Porsche 917, the Ferrari 312 P, Chevron B16s, Matra MS 660s and Alpine A 220s. Unfortunately, the Ligier JS3 driven by Jacques Nicolet among others ground to a halt after only five laps with a broken suspension wishbone. Races two and three followed the same pattern as Hart dominated them both. It was sweet revenge for English constructor Lola which, in 6 decades of racing at Le Mans, had never won the 24 Hours outright.

Classement au scratch
1. HART (LOLA T70 Mk III) in 1h45’42″302
2. THUNER (LOLA T70 Mk III) at 2’44.367
3. FRANCE-FRANCE (LOLA T70 Mk III) at 3’19.634

Index of performance: WATSON-O’CONNELL (CHEVRON B8 BMW)

Grid 6 (1972 – 1979) – Mirage beats Lola and Porsche by a nose!
The first heat was given the green light during a lull in the bad weather, but it was quickly neutralised because of a shower. As the safety conditions were too perilous to allow the cars (the most modern ones at the event) to race they continued behind the safety car. The first real battle took place around dawn on Sunday morning on an almost dry track. Carlos Barbot came out on top in his Lola beating the Ferrer-Collinot Ferrari 512 BB LM by a second! Chris Mac Allister won the third heat in his open Gulf Mirage by only 10 seconds from Barbot and took the overall lead. Two Porsche 935s followed less than a minute behind, and the Titford-Reeves Ford Capri won the Index of Performance.

Scratch classification:
1. MAC ALLISTER (GULF MIRAGE) in 2h11’51″189
2. BARBOT (LOLA T280) at 11″938
3. D’IETEREN-LECOU (PORSCHE 935 K3) at 22″053

Index of performance: TITFORD-REEVES (FORD CAPRI)


Le Mans Classic diary

Posted: 07.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Le Mans, 6th July 2014 – Day 3
End of the 7th edition of the Le Mans Classic. We look forward to the next edition in 2 years’ time!

Le Mans, 5th July 2014 – End of the second day
End of the second day at Le Mans Classic. Just like in the original 24-hour race, there’s the spectacular Le Mans-style standing start.

Le Mans, 5th July 2014 – Day 2
About twenty Ferrari 250 stopped in Le Mans Classic for a magnificent parade. The participants then left the track to continue on their route over some of France’s finest driving roads as far as Maranello.

Le Mans, 4th July 2014 – Day 1
End of the first day at Le Mans Classic. As usual the paddock is busy with spectators.

Le Mans, 4th July 2014
The 7th edition of the Le Mans Classic has just started. Ferrari will have a dedicated stand in the paddock area with some fabulous classic Ferraris alongside the modern cars!


Le Mans Classic Ferrari 250 are back to home

Posted: 24.06.2014
Source: Peter Auto


“Le 250 Tornano a Casa”: this is the name that Brandon Wang, major car collector from Hong Kong and a Ferrari tifoso, gave the rally dedicated to twenty or so of his friends who own a Ferrari 250 of any kind.
The route back home crosses Le Mans, Le Mans Classic to be more precise. Incidentally, these dream cars will start from the famous racetrack to join the Cavallino’s make homeland, Maranello after a Franco-Italian scenic itinerary.
The cars will be at the Le Mans Classic from Friday morning on until Saturday 7:00 pm, nested in a special paddock located nearby the Drivers’ Club*. They will be on the track for twenty minutes from 2:35 pm to 2:55 pm.
No less than three Ferrari 250 GTO, and, among others, a 250 Lusso Interim as well as some exceptional 250 GT California … can be counted on to make the show.
* a “paddock pass” is mandatory to come take a closer look at them: €35, according to availability.

Models presented

  • 250 GTE
  • 250 GTO
  • 250 GTO Speciale (Le Mans)
  • 250 GT Cabriolet
  • 250 GT (Short Wheel Base)
  • 250 GT ”Tour de France” (Long Wheel Base)
  • 250 GT California (Short Wheel Base)
  • 250 GT California (Long Wheel Base)
  • 250 Testarossa
  • 250 Lusso Interim
  • 250 GT Zagato
  • 250 GT Interim
  • 250 GT Lusso

89 laps for Jules Bianchi in the F14 T

Posted: 09.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 9 July – This was the final day of testing at Silverstone for Scuderia Ferrari and the other Formula 1 teams. At the wheel of an F14 T for the first time was Frenchman Jules Bianchi, the Ferrari Driver Academy driver, who currently races for Marussia. He did 89 laps, the best being a 1.35.262, the fastest of the day.

Bianchi worked on car set-up, starting in the morning with the settings used by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen and then trying some new ones. The programme also involved development work on the latest updates.

At the end of the session, Jules was pleased with the day’s work. “I am happy to have been of use to the team,” he told the journalists. “We completed our programme and by the end of the afternoon, we were lapping fairly quickly.” Asked what feeling he had driving the Ferrari, Bianchi had this to say. “I found out on Monday I’d be driving the Ferrari in place of Kimi. It was obviously very exciting. I am part of the Maranello family, as I am an FDA driver and for every one of us, our goal is to get to drive this car in Formula 1. I know it’s not yet time, but I am working to show the team I am ready for it. Now I will be focusing again on my season with Marussia. So far, it’s been a positive year, but there are still a lot of races to go and I’d like to get some more good results.”


Testing at the Silverstone Circuit – 9 July 2014

Posted: 09.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Circuit: Silverstone Circuit – 5.891 km
Driver: Jules Bianchi
Car: Ferrari F14 T
Weather: air temperature 18/23 °C, track temperature 19/28 °C . Sunny, occasional clouds.
Laps/Km completed: 89/524
Best time: 1.35.262

Jules Bianchi set the fastest time in today’s test, driving for Scuderia Ferrari at the third in-season test session. On the agenda for the Marussia F1 Team driver were aerodynamic and set-up tests on the F14 T. The Frenchman, on the books with the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2010, did a lot of running on the Medium and Hard tyres, as well as doing some practice starts on the softer of the two compounds.

“By the end of the day I got a really good feeling in the car, even if at the start, it was not so easy adapting to a car that’s very different to the one I race. The parameters are completely different and I spent the first runs getting used to it. Today we worked on race set-up, trying various settings, both old and new, aimed at producing improvements in the coming races. Putting on a Ferrari race suit is always a special feeling and I hope one day I can wear it as a race driver, even if I have a lot to learn. But above all, I have a job to do for my Marussia team and so far the season is going really well.”

With the test over, the next item on the agenda for the Scuderia is the German Grand Prix, the tenth round of the World Championship, which takes place in two weekends’ time at the Hockenheim circuit.


Ferrari fans like the 18 inch wheels

Posted: 07.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Maranello, 9 July – On the second day of the Silverstone test, Pirelli ran out an experimental 18 inch tyre which in the next years could replace the 13 inch one currently used in Formula 1. The diameter of these tyres is 30 millimetres bigger and it has the same width as the current ones. Ferrari therefore asked its fans through Twitter with the hashtag #FerrariFanSurvey which tyre they preferred, posting photos of each. In the few hours the survey ran, over 3000 fans voted and their opinion was pretty clear: 70% preferred the 18 inch wheels and tyres.


49 laps for Pedro at Silverstone

Posted: 08.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone 8 July – Today was the first of two days of testing for all the Formula 1 teams including Scuderia Ferrari. The day was given over to testing the 2015 Pirelli tyres and the Scuderia used the opportunity to check the correlation between the F14 T on track and in the simulator. Pedro de la Rosa, who shares simulator duties with Andrea Bertolini and Davide Rigon was at the wheel on track. The Spaniard did 49 laps, the fastest in 1.37.988, running with a heavy fuel load. The day came to a premature end because of a loss of coolant and solving the problem put an end to track activity for the day.

It was Pedro’s first time in the F14 T. “I am very happy to be back in the car, because no simulator can compare to actually driving a car on track. It was enjoyable getting to grips with the circuit, as I miss it and miss training in race trim. That aside, I am very pleased with the correlation we saw between the car and the simulator. That is a very important factor, as Formula 1 testing is reduced still further, obliging everyone to do more simulation. Maybe this needs a rethink, not just for the test drivers, who do too little driving, but for the youngsters and for Formula 1 as a whole.”

Today, Pedro was working in tandem with Fernando Alonso, who was running in the Maranello simulator in a reversal of what usually happens over a race weekend. “Fernando as we know is very professional, but I must say it felt a bit strange knowing a world champion was working for me while I was on track at Silverstone.” Felipe Massa was fastest today, taking his Williams round in 1.35.242. Tomorrow, Jules Bianchi will drive the F14 T.


Testing at the Silverstone Circuit – 8 July 2014

Posted: 08.07.2014
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Circuit:  Silverstone Circuit – 5.891 km
Driver: Pedro de la Rosa
Car: Ferrari F14 T
Weather: air temperature 16/23 °C, track temperature 16/28 °C. Sunny, occasionally overcast.
Laps/Km completed: 49/289
Best lap: 1.37.988

2015 tyres were on the agenda for the first day of the Silverstone test, the third in-season session, following those in Bahrain and Barcelona. Pedro de la Rosa spent the day working solely on tyre development aimed at next season at the wheel of Scuderia Ferrari’s F14 T. The morning and afternoon’s work on prototype Pirellis unfortunately ended about an hour early because of a coolant leak.

“It was great to be able to drive the actual car after so much work in the simulator, especially at a track like Silverstone. I think today was very useful both for me and for the team. We worked a lot on race simulation, always running with a high fuel load, so as to understand as much as possible about the new tyres. We learned a lot and even if I can’t make a direct comparison to this year’s tyres, the feeling I got is that they do represent a step forward.”

Tomorrow, the final day of the test, the Spanish driver hands over to his colleague Jules Bianchi. The young French Marussia F1 Team driver, a member of Maranello’s Ferrari Driver Academy is standing in for Kimi Raikkonen, who has been given time to fully recover, so as to be ready for the next championship round at Hockenheim, over the weekend of 20 July.


Kimi recovering, while De la Rosa and Bianchi test

Posted: 07.07.2014
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Maranello, 7 July – Kimi Raikkonen is recovering from the frightening accident on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix. The Scuderia Ferrari driver still has pain and some bruising in his left ankle and knee after his car hit the barriers. Therefore Scuderia Ferrari has decided to rest the Finn so that he can be fully fit for the German Grand Prix on 20th July at Hockenheim.
Therefore the driver line-up for the Silverstone test has been changed: tomorrow for the first day, test driver Pedro de la Rosa will be at the wheel of the F14 T and on Wednesday, Jules Bianchi will stand in for Raikkonen. The Frenchman has been on the books at the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2010 and currently races in Formula 1 for Marussia.

Pedro de la Rosa finally gets to drive the F14 T for real, having done many kilometres in its virtual cockpit on the simulator, where he shares the work with Davide Rigon and Andrea Bertolini. Pedro will therefore be able to make a comparison and give the engineers some useful feedback. During his day on track, a comparative test will take place at the same time back in Maranello and in a reverse of the usual situation, it will be Pedro de la Rosa on track and Fernando Alonso in the simulator.
Jules Bianchi will have his first run on the F14 T, back at the wheel of a Ferrari for the first time since the Pirelli tyre test in December 2013. The Frenchman is having a great season, securing his and Marussia’s first ever points when he finished ninth in Monaco.


Entries open for the 2014 Ferrari Tribute to the Targa Florio Classic

Posted: 30.06.2014
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Ferrari Tribute to the Targa Florio Classic 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 30th June 2014 – As is now traditional, the Prancing Horse is taking part in the 98th Targa Florio through the special Ferrari Tribute to the Targa Florio Classic, which runs from September 12th to 14th on the mountain roads of the Circuiti delle Madonie near Palermo.

Once again this year, Maranello’s cars (with no limit on type and/or construction year) will have their own special standings in this revival of one the most enthralling and historically-rich competitions in motor racing history.

Organised in collaboration with the Automobile Club di Palermo, the Tribute is one of many initiatives Ferrari stages to help its clients give vent to their passion for the marque by retracing its history and nurturing its sporting heritage.

The participation package includes entry to the race and logistical support. The closing date for entries in August 31st.



Circuit Silverstone
Date 06.07.2014
Laps 52
Distance 306,198 km / 190,303 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
7 Kimi Raikkonen F14 T 303 Scuderia Ferrari retired / accident
14 Fernando Alonso F14 T 302 Scuderia Ferrari 6.


British GP – A thrilling Silverstone

Posted: 06.07.2014
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Marco Mattiacci: “The most important news right now is that Kimi is alright, even though the impact with the barriers was a heavy one. He has some bruising and will now be resting to be in shape for the next race. Given the outcome of qualifying, we knew we faced an uphill struggle in the race, but we could count on having a race pace that would allow us to try and get back in the points. On this front, Fernando lived up to our expectations, pulling off some memorable overtaking moves. I think that, with fewer problems and without the penalty for his start position, he could have got better than sixth. His great climb up the order was yet more proof of his extremely aggressive mentality, which is exactly what we must demonstrate for the rest of the season.”

Fernando Alonso: “I think today’s race was very spectacular, certainly for us it was extremely hectic, first with Kimi’s retirement and then with the penalty for being out of position at the start. Then there were also my duels with Button and Vettel. When Sebastian came up behind me I was saving fuel and battery power and had a problem with the rear wing so I knew that sooner or later he would have overtaken me. I think both Red Bulls deserved to finish ahead of us, because they were quicker. Now we must analyse our performance and try to improve for the next round in Germany: if we want to make up ground in the Constructors’ Championship, we must try and do our utmost at the track, working on strategy, set-up and especially we must try and be more astute than the others, when it comes to grabbing any opportunity to score points.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Unfortunately, my race today ended on the first lap, after I had managed to get away well, making up enough ground to be fighting for eleventh place. At turn 5, I went off the track and while trying to get back on, I must have hit a kerb. I then lost control of the car and ended in the barriers. It’s a real shame because yesterday, the feeling I had on track had improved and I was determined to do my utmost to bring home some points. I am really very disappointed with how things went today, but now I want to put this incident behind me and just concentrate on the next race in Germany.”

Pat Fry: “As we were starting from sixteenth and eighteenth places, we opted to start on the Hard compound and go for a more aggressive strategy. The aim was to have a short first stint before switching to the softer and faster tyre for the rest of the race. Kimi got a great start, making up several places in just a few corners but unfortunately his accident put an end to it all. Fortunately, he is okay, with no serious injuries and that’s the most important thing. After the race was stopped, we discussed things with Fernando and decided to fit the Mediums to the end of the race, with a one-stop strategy. Despite the difficulties he had to deal with, Fernando once again displayed his great talent, both on the offensive and the defensive. At some points in the race, there was clearly some frustration, which is completely understandable, because the entire team wants to give him and Kimi a more competitive car and for that reason, we will continue trying our hardest.”

  Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
ALONSO 6th 2:27:52.040 + 59.946 52 1.38.587 52
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 1 New Medium
2nd stop Lap 25 New Medium
RAIKKONEN NC - - -7..111 - -
Weather: air 20/22 °C, track 30/33 °C. Sunny


British GP – Kimi’s lucky escape, Fernando puts on a show

Posted: 06.07.2014
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Silverstone, 6 July – Today’s race will be remembered as a real F1 classic, in which much of the excitement was provided by Scuderia Ferrari. Unfortunately, not all of it was positive, as Kimi Raikkonen was involved in a very scary accident on the opening lap: the Finn limped away to be checked in the medical centre. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. As for Fernando Alonso, he produced a scintillating drive in a ‘battle of the champions’ as he and Sebastian Vettel fought wheel to wheel for the final third of the race. In the end, the Red Bull driver just got ahead, as the Ferrari man’s tyres were older, to claim fifth place. The British crowd got what it wanted, in the shape of a home win for Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. Valtteri Bottas was heroic in taking his Williams from 14th on the grid to second place, and joining them on the podium in third spot was the ever-consistent Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull.

Having qualified 19th and 20th yesterday, various penalties saw Fernando promoted to sixteenth on the grid, one row ahead of Kimi in eighteenth. The Scuderia duo were the only drivers to start on the Hard tyre. There was a crash on the opening lap, as Kimi ran wide onto the Wellington Straight using the run off area on the outside of the corner. As he rejoined the track, a rut between the grass and the tarmac spun his F14 T around, so that it hit the right hand barrier very hard, bounced the car back across the track and into the path of Felipe Massa in the Williams. The Brazilian’s 200th Grand Prix was over and Ferrari’s Finn can be grateful for Felipe’s lightning fast reactions avoiding a far worse impact. Kimi was helped out of the car and was clearly limping and in pain. The race was red flagged and by this stage, Fernando had moved up two places to fourteenth and he switched to the Medium tyre during the wait.

Almost an hour after the original start, the race was on again, with Fernando in 13th place. At the front, Magnussen came under pressure from Hamilton, ran wide, promoting the Mercedes man to third. Fernando passed Gutierrez and was now 12th. The Spaniard then charged past Sutil at Brooklands, followed by Chilton to get into the top ten.

On lap 6, Alonso passed Kvyat to take ninth. Ricciardo tried to pass Hulkenberg at Stowe, which allowed Fernando to get ahead of the Red Bull at Vale and then set off in pursuit of Hulkenberg. He duly got ahead of the Force India, just as the stewards announced he was under investigation for allegedly being in the wrong place on the grid at the first start. It seemed not the entire car was within the grid slot.

Fernando came in on lap 25, with the crew waiting the compulsory 5 seconds to take the penalty, prior to changing tyres, fitting a new set of Mediums, after which he rejoined ninth. The Spaniard then dispensed with Hulkenberg to go back to eighth and he moved up a further spot next time round after Magnussen pitted the McLaren.

On lap 28, Rosberg slowed dramatically and stopped, so that Hamilton now led, with Bottas second and yet to change tyres. Vettel and Ricciardo were third and fourth, with Button fifth ahead of Fernando. Vettel pitted from second on lap 33, coming out in fourth place on fresher rubber than Fernando, who was right behind him. The man from Oviedo pulled off a very brave move to go past into Copse, to take fifth, but Vettel closed the gap and got past at Brooklands, before Fernando immediately muscled his way back ahead again. The Fernando-Vettel battle continued to thrill the crowd, especially on lap 48 as they were wheel to wheel for several corners, before the Spaniard had to give best to the German. From then on their positions remained unchanged to the chequered flag.

The championship now moves to Hockenheim, Germany in two weeks time, when Kimi is expected to be fully fit and ready to race alongside Fernando.


British GP – Mixed fortunes for Scuderia Ferrari

Posted: 06.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 6 July–There were mixed fortunes for Scuderia Ferrari today, with Kimi Raikkonen going out on the opening lap but Fernando Alonso fighting his way up from 16th on the grid to sixth at the flag.

Fernando lined up on the grid with his car too far forward and that would later cost him a 5 second penalty. Coming onto the Wellington Straight for the first time, Kimi ran wide while fighting Gutierrez and as he tried to rejoin the track a bump spun him round into the barriers. The car came back across the track and he was hit by Felipe Massa before ending in the tyres on the other side. The man from Espoo took a hard knock on the ankle and also has pain in a knee. He will now have to rest but he will be back in time for the next round in Germany.

At the restart, Alonso put on a show flying up from eleventh to fifth, before being chased down by Vettel who had just come back on track after his tyre change. In the end, the German made the most of his fresher rubber to pass the Ferrari man whose Mediums were worn.

Lewis Hamilton won after initial leader and Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg retired and is just four points behind the German in the classification. Second was Valtteri Bottas for Williams, with Daniel Ricciardo third for Red Bull.


British GP – Rain on our parade

Posted: 05.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Fernando Alonso: “When it rains in qualifying it’s always a lottery, it can go well or it can go badly. Most of all, it’s easy to make mistakes. At complicated moments like this, you need to fit the right tyres at the right time, but luck definitely plays a part. I think if we had fitted the Mediums thirty seconds earlier or later, with a dry track, things could have gone differently. In the race tomorrow, we will try and make up as much ground as possible.

Yesterday, in the dry, we had a strong pace and even in the wet, as we saw on the first lap in Q1, it seems quite good. Mixed conditions might help us, but here it’s impossible to know now what the weather will do tomorrow. One thing for sure, is that starting so far back, we will see a lot of action”.

Kimi Raikkonen: “We knew the changeable weather would make this qualifying very unpredictable, but I definitely didn’t expect this sort of result. On my first run, I did four laps on Intermediate tyres because the track was still wet, but then when it stopped raining we decided to switch to slicks.

On the first part of the track, the conditions were acceptable, but in the second sector, it began raining again and this prevented us from setting a good enough time to get into Q2. Tomorrow, it won’t be easy moving up the order, but we will do our best to make up ground, also because today I had a better feeling than yesterday and I see no reason why I shouldn’t try and have a good race.”

Pat Fry: “Today’s qualifying result is bitterly disappointing and it means we will have an uphill struggle tomorrow, with a plan to attack right from the first to the last lap. In the opening minutes of Q1 the track conditions were mixed, which is the worst thing possible, because at some points there was a lot of water while other parts of the circuit were drying and some were even completely dry.

It was impossible to improve on the Intermediates because of graining and the switch to slicks definitely complicated matters for the drivers as there was so little grip. When the lap times fell as the track began to dry, we fitted the Mediums, as in fact did everyone else, but the rain returned and that meant we were unable to make it through to the next part of qualifying. Now, our aim in tomorrow’s race is to finish in the points, trying to make the most of the new sets of tyres we have.”


British GP – Come rain or shine

Posted: 05.07.2014
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Silverstone, 5 July: Malaysia 2010 – that was the last time neither Ferrari made it past Q1. A gap of four years doesn’t make today’s result any less disappointing, nor does the fact that Williams, another of the longest serving teams in F1, made the same mistake with its two drivers, who will line up just ahead of the Scuderia duo tomorrow afternoon.

So tomorrow, on a track that has featured many of the Scuderia’s greatest moments, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, having qualified 19th and 20th, will have to put their heads down, keep out of trouble and try and work their way back to the front. That will be no easy task on a high speed track with limited opportunities for overtaking. But there are 52 laps and with an unusual grid, there is always a chance of something unusual happening.

While the rain proved fatal for Ferrari’s chances, it did make for entertaining viewing for the impartial spectator, as there were several noteworthy or unusual performances. Jules Bianchi for example, on the books at the Ferrari Driver Academy, took his Marussia to twelfth in Q2, the very best performance ever in his F1 career. There was disappointment for the British fans when Lewis Hamilton made the wrong call right at the end of Q3, when he aborted his lap, only to watch Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, achieve an incredible improvement in the final dry sector of the track, to snatch his fourth pole position of the year. Alongside the German tomorrow will be Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, who also put in a last ditch effort to haul himself up from tenth to second. If Hamilton’s misfortune saw the large crowd go silent, they got something to cheer about as Jenson Button took an unlikely third for McLaren.

With a dry track forecast for tomorrow, what can the Prancing Horse aspire to tomorrow? One could suggest a points finish, but to be more specific would be difficult.


British GP – Scuderia Ferrari caught out by the rain

Posted: 05.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 5 July–The English rain delivered a bitter blow to Ferrari’s qualifying aspirations, with both drivers going out at the end of the first session, because the rain intensified just as Alonso and Raikkonen were hoping to improve their times.

At the start of qualifying the track was damp but drying. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers took to the track using Intermediates, as did everyone, and set reasonable times. Five minutes from the end, after a quick lap from Jenson Button in the McLaren, it was clear that it was now time for slicks. Both Fernando and Kimi duly fitted them, but as they started their flying laps, the rain intensified and there was no way of going quicker. Fernando might have made the cut to Q2 but he spun off the track, destroying his chances. Fernando and Kimi therefore qualified 19th and 20th respectively.

Q3 was also affected by rain and pole went to Nico Rosberg for Mercedes in 1.35.766 ahead of Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull,) Jenson Button (McLaren) and Nico Hulkenberg (Force India.) The Ferrari duo will face an uphill struggle in tomorrow’s race which starts at 13h00 local time.


British GP – Rain the key player

Posted: 05.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 5 July–It rained for most of the third free practice session. It wasn’t actually raining at the start of the final 60 minutes of track action prior to qualifying, but the track was wet and then during the session, the downpour intensified.

Scuderia Ferrari thus decided to save the tyres for qualifying, not running in the early part of the session and avoided taking any risks when the weather worsened. Fernando Alonso thus completed only four laps without setting a time, while Kimi Raikkonen did five setting a time of 1.54.558, which was good enough for tenth place. For the record, Sebastian Vettel was fastest in 1.52.522, with his Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo second, followed by the Lotuses of Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean. Qualifying starts at 13h00 local time.


British GP – Kimi e Fernando… play the game at Silverstone

Posted: 05.07.2014
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Maranello, 5 July – Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso were a step ahead of the opposition for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It all happened thanks to an initiative from licensee Carrera, a leader in the latest generation of electric car racing tracks. In the Maranello Logistica building, it recreated the historic British track, originally built on the perimeter road of a second world war airfield. The two Scuderia Ferrari drivers had fun taking each other on in an eight lap race. The battle was close and some of the moves were borderline legal when taking FIA rules into consideration…


British GP – Two sides to Friday

Posted: 04.07.2014
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Fernando Alonso: “This Friday was much like any other and we followed our programme, testing some components and working on set-up in the morning, while evaluating both tyre compounds in the afternoon, looking at the Medium with both qualifying and the race in mind. There were no problems with wear or graining on the softer compound, while in order to correctly evaluate the Hard, we will have to wait for a long run test. For now, I can say it’s hard to get them up to temperature. Now, as usual, we must analyse everything to understand which components to use tomorrow, although if as predicted, it rains tomorrow, then in reality the data we got today will be more useful for the race. Here, there’s always a strong wind and in some corners it’s a help, while in others it’s a hindrance, but it’s the same for everyone. Now, all we can do is wait and see how things turn out.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “This morning in the first session things went reasonably well. We followed the standard programme, including analysing car behaviour on the Hard tyres and we just had a few problems with traction at some points on the track and a bit of understeer in the high speed corners. In the second session, we made some small changes which did not work and the handling of the car was not the same. Putting a good lap together was really difficult and so we went back to the morning settings, but unfortunately we had the same problems. Now we must find out what happened between the two sessions, even if I think it’s partly down to the track conditions and the gusts of wind, which were very strong today. I’m sure that studying the data will give us the information we need to prepare as well as possible for tomorrow.”

Pat Fry: “At Silverstone, the weather is often unsettled and that can have a strong influence on the outcome of practice and the race. Therefore, it’s vital for the drivers to do a lot of laps to get as confident as possible with the car. Today, despite a strong and inconsistent wind, we were able to work through our programme without encountering any particular problems. On both cars, we tried some new aerodynamic components and various electronic settings, while on the power unit front we continued to acquire data useful for our development programme. At the same time, we went through the usual set-up tests to find the most suitable one for this track, as well as paying attention to tyre behaviour over short and long runs. It wasn’t easy to find the ideal balance as well as managing the degradation and while Fernando managed to complete a long run, with Kimi, we continued working on set-up to try and resolve some problems that cropped up on his car. Now we must find the best compromise to help both drivers to get the right stability for the rest of the weekend, taking into account that the weather is meant to get worse for tomorrow with a chance of rain.”

  ALONSO – chassis 302  RAIKKONEN – chassis 303
First Session P3 1:36.263 23 laps   P5 1:36.703 23 laps
                                      Weather:  air 19/21 °C, track 25/31 °C. Sunny
Second Session P3 1:35.244 32 laps P9 1:36.554 29 laps
                                       Weather:  air 23°C, track 32/34 °C.  Sunny


British GP – The usual picture

Posted: 04.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 4 July – There were no great surprises come the end of the first three hours of free practice for Sunday’s British Grand Prix. The Mercedes team, based very close to the Silverstone track, in the town of Brackley, were the dominant force, with Lewis Hamilton topping the time sheet ahead of Nico Rosberg. As we have seen already this season, Fernando Alonso is often the best of the rest and the Ferrari man was third again today, while in the other F14 T, Kimi Raikkonen ended up ninth on the final timesheet of the day, once again finding life a bit tougher than his team-mate.

After running nothing but Soft and Supersoft tyres at the last three Grands Prix, Silverstone marks the return of the Medium and Hard Pirellis, so while the buzzwords from those past races, graining and wear, were not appropriate today, the usual difficulties with getting the Hards up to temperature have returned.

Following the anomalies of Austria, the more aero-dependent curves of this airfield track seem to mark a return to form for Red Bull, with Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel fourth and fifth respectively, while Valtteri Bottas was sixth for Williams, suggesting the team’s form in Austria was genuine. Actually the Finn only drove in the afternoon, because in the morning session lots of press attention was focussed on the appearance of Susie Wolff in the Williams cockpit, the first woman to be part of an F1 race weekend for 22 years.

Track conditions are key here and naturally, they improved as more rubber went down, so that FP2 times were around a second faster than in the morning. However, if the threat of overnight rain materialises, then the extra grip could literally be washed away, while there’s a strong chance it could still be raining when qualifying gets underway at 13h00 local time; always an exciting prospect at this high speed track.


British GP – Scuderia Ferrari third and ninth

Posted: 04.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 4 July –Fernando Alonso was third in 1.35.244 while Kimi Raikkonen had to settle for ninth with a 1.36.554. The Spaniard completed 32 laps this afternoon, while the Finn did 29.

Both Ferrari men fitted the Medium tyre, the softer of the two brought to the English track by Pirelli. Fernando immediately seemed comfortable with this compound and made the most of the track rubbering-in more than in the morning. The Spaniard ended the session doing good times on a long run. Kimi didn’t manage to get the right feel for the car and will have to work on finding the right balance so that he can push to the maximum. Once again Mercedes was fastest, with Lewis Hamilton posting a 1.34.508 ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg. Behind Alonso came the two Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel.


British GP – Fernando third and Kimi fifth

Posted: 04.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 4 July – A hard to read first free practice session for the British Grand Prix, with track conditions featuring a strong and gusty wind, as well as a red flag about half an hour into the 90 minute session after Massa went off, thankfully without injury. There was also a long yellow flag period when Ericsson parked his car with 30 minutes to go. For Scuderia Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was third quickest in 1.36.263, completing 23 laps, as did Kimi Raikkonen with a best time of 1.36.703.

This morning, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers tested some new components and then carried out the usual set-up work, as well as evaluating the behaviour of the Pirelli tyres.
Fastest overall was Nico Rosberg, the only driver to break the 1m 36 seconds barrier with a 1.35.424. Second was his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton with a 1.36.155. Splitting the two Ferrari men was Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull.


British GP – De La Rosa: “Silverstone is a great track but tricky”

Posted: 04.07.2014
Source: Ferrari

FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2013 - Round 4 - Grand Prix Bahrain - Pedro de la Rosa / Image: Copyright Ferrari

The weather is always a popular topic of conversation, but in England, it’s almost compulsory. If one extends it to a Formula 1 race at Silverstone, when the slightest detail can make the difference, then the likelihood of a sudden downpour carries serious consequences.

“At Silverstone, if it rains, it can happen that the track never really rubbers in,” Scuderia Ferrari test driver Pedro de la Rosa told “And that normally involves problems with grip. But it can also be the case that there’s no rain all weekend long and then we can count on the racing line being rubbered in for Sunday, causing less graining on the front tyres, a factor which can influence strategy. That means all the teams have to keep their eyes open and make the most of the in-depth knowledge of the track which everyone has: the amount of rubber put down on the track surface changes the handling of the car considerably. Then there’s the wind which, especially at Copse and Becketts corners, can have a significant influence on the car’s aerodynamics. I like the change to the circuit layout, because it has increased the number of passing opportunities. However, I also like the sections that haven’t changed, such as Copse, Becketts and Stowe, which are very fast and technical.” Silverstone has a lot of high speed corners which are not particularly tough on brakes. The only factor one has to keep in mind is keeping up to temperature. “In practical terms, you are accelerating hard on the exit to Luffield and from then on you don’t touch the brakes until Stowe corner” adds Pedro. “To stop them going cold, you need to have exactly the right materials.”


British GP – Raikkonen: “Carry on trying different things”

Posted: 03.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 3 July – It’s been well documented that Kimi Raikkonen has had some issues getting the F14 T to handle to his liking and this was the first topic on the agenda at his usual Thursday media session on a warm and windy day at the English track. “I am sure we are learning a lot and at least we now know where the issues are,” confirmed the Ferrari man. “The team will definitely do some things differently for next year and some of those changes we can also try this year. But it’s not a quick fix and once we get some more new parts to try, then hopefully it will go in the direction that we want.”

Therefore when it came to assessing his chances around the high speed corners of this weekend’s high speed track, the Finn felt there would be few surprises. “I think we are probably going to be in the same situation as at many of the races so far this year,” he maintained. “At the last race, we tried some new things that might not have worked well, but I wanted to try them anyway to see what effect they had. This weekend, we will carry on trying different things and gaining experience from that.”

Last weekend, Raikkonen was also in England, but in the very different surroundings of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where he drove his title winning 2007 Ferrari, spending time in company with the legendary John Surtees. What did he know of racing in those bygone days? “I’ve seen films on TV and the internet, it looked like a different sport back then, certainly much more dangerous and in a way, more fun and more open,” he said. From the past, to the future, with a question about how long he might stay with Scuderia Ferrari. The answer was typical Kimi, short and to the point: “Until my contract is finished and then I will probably stop.”

As a Ferrari driver, the press wanted Kimi’s views on suggestions that the Italian GP at Monza might not be on the calendar much longer. “I can’t see how they would stop Monza,” he replied. “It would be very stupid in my view for everyone and for Formula 1. Hopefully it will never happen but we are not the guys who decide. Obviously for Ferrari, it’s an amazing place. I’ve never won there, but hopefully in the future it will happen.”


British GP – Alonso: “Three things we must do”

Posted: 03.07.2014
Source: Ferrari


Silverstone, 3 July – Two weeks ago we were in the spiritual home of the Red Bull team and now the weekend begins in the UK, the actual home for all but three of the F1 teams. But the first question asked of Fernando Alonso in his press meeting today, regarded Bernie Ecclestone’s comments that the Monza round might disappear from the calendar. “I think we need to wait and see what happens officially,” cautioned the Ferrari man. “I think Bernie just answered a question but it’s not official. As drivers, we don’t have an input on where we race, we just try and put on a good show. Of course, it’s nice to go to circuits where the grandstands are full, and full of passion and atmosphere, like Monza, like Austria, like Spa and Barcelona. Let’s hope the best for Monza.”

As usual with Alonso, he always looks at the bigger picture and clearly, Scuderia Ferrari’s position in this year’s Constructors’ Championship has been exercising his mind. “Here at Silverstone, I expect Red Bull to return to form as this is a circuit where aerodynamics is important and they show potential in high speed corners. Williams will also be strong, as I don’t think it was just Austria that suited them so we need to keep improving to get a margin on our closest rivals”.

As to his own future after his current contract with the Scuderia expires, the man from Oviedo claimed to have considered it. “I am not thinking too much about the longer term, because there are bigger priorities at the moment, I want to help the team and score as many points as possible this weekend and this year, because the interesting mix in the Constructors’ means you could finish second or sixth by the smallest of margins,” he said. “We need to improve for next year and there are three things we must do: one is we must score points this year, because if we finish sixth or seventh that will hurt the team for next year, for example on the economical side, second is to test this year, especially on Fridays, some parts we can learn about for next year and and third is to spend time with the team: on Sunday night I will go back to Maranello and spend all week in the simulator. There is no time to relax. This is a time to work, the team expect things from me and I need to deliver.”


New sponsorship for Scuderia Ferrari

Posted: 03.07.2014
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Maranello, 3 July – It has been announced today that Haas Automation, the world’s largest producer of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines in the United States, is to sponsor Scuderia Ferrari until the end of the 2015 season. The agreement comes into force immediately and, as from tomorrow’s free practice for the British Grand Prix, the F14 Ts driven by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will carry the company’s logo on the side pods. The partnership marks Haas Automation’s entry to the world of Formula 1, prior to it becoming title sponsor of Gene Haas’ team when it enters the sport in 2016.

“We are pleased to welcome Haas Automation as our newest Official Supplier,” said Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Marco Mattiacci. “This agreement strengthens our existing connections with the USA, an important market not only for our company, but also for Scuderia Ferrari, as it is one where the team already benefits from several important partnerships.

“Over the past few months, we have been exploring with Haas a number of potential areas of collaboration, and this agreement is an immediate opportunity that we are pursuing, which proves Haas’ interest in Formula One. This collaboration will enable Haas Automation to reinforce its brand awareness and promote its products and services around the world, thanks to the appeal of Scuderia Ferrari and the global reach of Formula One. We are therefore delighted to make this announcement, which sees another premium brand join our portfolio of partners. In parallel, but as a separate project, Haas is committed to entering Formula One with its own team, a testimony to the growing appeal of our sport in the USA and on this front, technical discussions are ongoing between us.”


Kimi at Maranello for the day

Posted: 02.07.2014
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FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2014 - Round 7 - Grand Prix Canada - Kimi Raikkonen / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 2 July –After the excitement of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, today was a working day for Kimi Raikkonen, in Maranello for some engineering meetings, working with the team on the development of the F14 T, not just for the upcoming races, but also to help make the team ever more united in its working methods. This morning, the Finn spoke with President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Marco Mattiacci before having meetings with his race engineer Antonio Spagnolo and Technical Director James Allison.

There were many items on the agenda, including a look at the development programme to be continued race by race for the rest of the season and Raikkonen was able to supply additional information of use to the engineers, while there was also time for Kimi to acquaint himself with the 2015 car. Work on this project goes on in parallel, while also learning from this year’s programme, given that the stability of the technical regulations for next year means that any technical shortcomings can be spotted in time, from looking at this year’s car data.

Before heading off for Silverstone, Kimi spoke of his expectations for the coming weekend to “It’s been useful coming here to Maranello to talk with my engineers. We know how much we need to improve and now we are looking ahead to the next race. Silverstone is a track with a great tradition and on top of that, the fans are very knowledgeable and they are happy to support you whatever team you drive for,” reckoned the Finn. “The track has changed a bit in recent years, but I like it a lot, as all the very fast corners make it very challenging. It often rains, which means it can all become a lottery, but it’s the same for everyone. All I can say is that, as usual, we will be trying our best.”


British GP – Half season but no half measures at Ferrari

Posted: 01.07.2014
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Maranello, 1 July – The ninth round of the Formula 1 World Championship reaches Silverstone this weekend, with the British Grand Prix marking the end of the first half of the season. It’s a first half in which one team has been almost totally dominant and already, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers and team personnel have been asked if they are giving up on the 2014 season to concentrate on next year’s project. To take a footballing analogy while the World Cup is on, this is like asking a team if it is not going to try for the rest of the year, because it cannot win the League.
There are a whole raft of reasons why, as the championship reaches the track where the Prancing Horse recorded its first victory back in 1951, the team is working flat out to improve the performance level of the F14 T to be more competitive in the second half of the year. Putting aside the sentimental arguments about doing well at one of the two oldest races on the calendar there are more prosaic points, starting with exactly that, winning as many points as possible for the Constructors’ championship in which the current standings are quite close among those chasing the leaders.

Clearly, the Scuderia has not given up on this year. For this reason, technical development of the F14 T continues apace. Cars built to the current technical regulations are still very much in their infancy, which means the learning curve for all the teams is very steep. Therefore, while the eleven remaining races represent eleven more chances to get good results and points, they also represent 33 more days of learning valuable lessons on track from Friday through Sunday, that can be applied in the future. Backing off now on the development front would be counter-productive, not forgetting the team’s obligation to provide its two drivers with the best car possible.

This weekend is one Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso are looking forward to, both men having won here in the past. “I like coming to this track, even if I preferred the old layout,” reckons the Finn. “I especially enjoy what used to be the first corner, Copse.” Indeed, the flat-out Copse and the massive changes of direction, particularly at the “Super-G slalom” that is the Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel complex are part of what make this high speed venue so special. “I think Silverstone is a very challenging circuit, very demanding with its high speed corners and the whole track is tough on the car and for the driver too,” says Alonso. “There’s a great sense of tradition here, so all the drivers want to do well at this event in front of the English fans. Not only are they very passionate about the sport, they also know their Formula 1.” Aerodynamics will once again be the key factor in determining performance after a trio of races where it was less important, so it will be interesting to see how the hierarchy plays out behind the current top team.


A date with history

Posted: 30.06.2014
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Formula 1 World Championship 1951 - Round 5 - Grand Prix of Great Britain - Jose Froilan Gonzalez - Ferrari 375 F1 - S/N 2 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 30 June – This Sunday’s race is the 65th British Grand Prix. It and the Italian event are the only two races never to have dropped off the Formula 1 calendar. Silverstone was originally an old wartime airfield and the track used the perimeter roads. On 13th May 1950 it hosted the first ever race in the new world championship, with Alfa Romeo taking the top three places, watched by King George VI, with the legendary “three Fs,” Farina, Fangio and Fagioli.
Ferrari was not at this race, showing up for the next round in Monaco, but Silverstone still played an important part in the Prancing Horse’s history. It was in 1951 here that it took its first Formula 1 victory on 14th July, courtesy of the Argentinian Jose Froilan Gonzalez in the 375 F1. Apart from Silverstone, which this weekends hosts the race for the 48th time, the British GP has also been held at Aintree (5 times), and on the Kent track of Brands Hatch. Ferrari has won in the UK 16 times, almost a one in four hit rate, with 15 poles and 51 podiums overall.

The ’51 win signaled the start of a dominant run for Ferrari at Silverstone, with Alberto Ascari winning in 1952 and 1953 in the 500, Gonzalez again in 1954 in the 625 F1, the race was run at Aintree in ’55 and ’57, then Fangio, in 1956, was victorious in the D50, while ’58 produced a home win for Peter Collins in the 246 F1, who led home his compatriot and team-mate Mike Hawthorn. In 1961, Ferrari broke its Aintree taboo dominating, taking the top three places with the 156 F1 in the order, Germany’s Wolfgang Von Trips and the Americans Phil Hill and Richie Ginther.
The next 15 years were barren and the Italian anthem would not be heard again in England until 1976 when Niki Lauda won at Brands in the 312 T2, having also taken pole and set the race fastest lap. Two years later, Argentina’s Carlos Reutemann won in the 312 T3. 1990 was the final year that Silverstone’s ultra-fast layout was used, before it was modified to reduce speeds, with Ferrari winning. Nigel Mansell took pole at an average speed of 255 km/h, but it was Prost who took the win in the other F1-90.

The first Ferrari driver to win on the new layout was Michael Schumacher, who took first place in the 1998 race, coming in on the very last lap for a 10 second stop-go penalty. The following year, the German had his worst racing accident when he went off at Stowe corner and broke his right leg, thus missing a large part of the season. Ferrari won again from 2002 to 2004, with Schumacher then Barrichello and then Schumacher again, while in 2007, Kimi Raikkonen was first past the flag. The last victory on British soil dates back to 2011, when Fernando Alonso made Ferrari fans happy. The Spaniard did a great job in the early wet stages, when yet another new 5.891 kilometre layout was used for the first time, and then left his opponents trailing.


Ferrari Challenge North America: Perez and Ruud, the winners of Race 2 in Mont Tremblant

Posted: 29.06.2014
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Ferrari Challenge North America 2014 - Round 5 Ferrari Racing Days Mont Tremblant 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Mont Tremblant, 29 June – The fifth round of the North American Ferrari Challenge came to end today at Circuit-Mont Tremblant. The last race was closely fought as Ricardo Perez (Ferrari of Houston) and Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec) contended for the ultimate victory. Perez, who started today’s race in pole position, was the winner and continues to lead the series with the overall drivers’ points. Anassis finished second and recorded the fastest lap time at 1.38.179. Ryan Ockey (Ferrari of Ontario) closed the set of Trofeo Pirelli winners with a third place finish, just ahead of Doug Peterson from Miller Motorcars.

In the Coppa Shell class, Chris Ruud brought home the victory and finished in sixth position overall. His teammate from Ferrari of Beverly Hills, Jon Becker, claimed his second place win with Carlos Conde (Miller Motorcars) finishing in third place.

In addition, Erich Cheung of Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale received special recognition, as he the first and only driver to have participated in the worldwide series of the Ferrari Challenge in Italy, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

The next round of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli takes place from July 11-13 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.


Ferrari Racing Days: Marc Gené a new track record at the Canadian Mont Tremblant circuit in an F2004

Posted: 29.06.2014
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari Challenge North America 2014 - Round 5 Ferrari Racing Days Mont Tremblant 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Mont Tremblant, 29 June. Today, the curtain came down on the Ferrari Racing Days event at Mont Tremblant having featured the Ferrari Challenge North America series and sessions on tack for owners tackling the XX and F1 Programmes which thrilled the many Ferrari fans who turned up to enjoy the excitement of the Prancing Horse events.

Also adding to the show was Scuderia Ferrari test driver Marc Gené, who was there to help the drivers get the most out of their old F1 cars and also set a new circuit record at the historic Canadian track in 1.12.720, at the wheel of an F2004 owned by Canadian Michael Latifi. As the Spaniard posted the time during untimed runs and not a race, the record is unofficial and beats the 1.16.776 set on 29 June 2007 by Tristan Gommedy in a Panoz DO01 Champ Car.

The next Ferrari Racing Days event takes place over the weekend of 14 September at Silverstone, England. The next time the F1 Clienti and XX Programme participants will be on track will be 30 and 31 July at Portimao in Portugal.


Ferrari Challenge North America – Anassis and Conde Victorious in Race 1 at Mont Tremblant

Posted: 28.06.2014
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari Challenge North America 2014 - Round 5 Ferrari Racing Days Mont Tremblant 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Mont Tremblant, 28 June – The fifth round of the North American Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli was in full force today at Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Québec. In addition to the racing action from the 458 Challenge EVOs, the XX Programme and F1 Clienti drivers enthralled fans with the showcase of their Prancing Horses on the track.

Canadian Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec) took his second victory of the season, starting today’s race in pole position and finishing at the top of the podium’s steps. He also set the fastest lap time in 1.38.120. Following closely behind him in the Trofeo Pirelli class, Ryan Ockey (Ferrari of Ontario) finished second while Carlos Gomez (Ferrari of San Francisco) finished in third place, overtaking Doug Peterson (Miller Motor Cars) before the first and only caution of the race. An incident sidelined teammates Eric Cheung and Victor Gomez of Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale on the fourth lap.

Carlos Conde had a successful comeback to the series after a two-year hiatus. Conde, who drives for Miller Motor Cars, fiercely fought and maintained his position, finishing first in the Coppa Shell class and sixth overall. Teammates at Ferrari of Beverly Hills, Jon Becker and Chris Ruud finished second and third respectively. The second race of the weekend will go green tomorrow at 1:50 PM EST.

Ferrari Racing Days Arrives In Mont Tremblant

Posted: 27.06.2014
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari Challenge North America 2014 - Round 5 Ferrari Racing Days Mont Tremblant 2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Mont Tremblant, 27 June – The Ferrari Racing Days returns to Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Canada today, opening a fabulous foray into the race weekend festivities. The event will see on-track action from all of the Corse Clienti motorsports entities, including the Ferrari Challenge, XX Programmes and F1 Clienti. The main attraction will be the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. Coming back from Montreal earlier this month, 27 drivers will be on the grid with the 458 Challenge EVO for free practice sessions today before Saturday’s first qualifying sessions and race. Further qualifying and the second race will be held on Sunday. In addition to the Ferrari Challenge, five Formula 1 owners will be on track with the F2001, F2003-GA, F2004, F2007 and F2008. As for the XX programme cars, there will be a total of seven, made up of FXX and 599XX, roaring through the 2.6-mile track. Eagerly anticipated is the first delivery of the LaFerrari in North America. Ferrari test driver Raffaele De Simone will put on a much anticipated show for the Ferraristi as he drives the latest limited edition masterwork from Maranello in a track shake down on Saturday morning.


Telethon scientific committee visits Ferrari

Posted: 26.06.2014
Source: Ferrari

Telethon scientific committee visits Ferrari - 26.06.2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 26 June – It’s a special day for Ferrari, welcoming an international group of researchers to Maranello, who are part of the scientific committee of Telethon, an Italian charitable organisation that, among other things, organises the traditional charity marathon fundraiser for research into rare illnesses. The professors come from around the world and work in the best US hospitals, research centres and universities such as Duke, Yale and Harvard. They include top specialists in the fields of neurology, cellular and molecular biology, paediatrics, tumours and gerontology.

These leaders in their field were invited by Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, who also heads up Telethon. A year ago in Milan, he was part of the commission that selected the research projects to receive funds from the charity.

President Montezemolo welcomed the guests before they were taken on a factory tour. The scientists, all Italophiles, enjoyed the visit and had plenty of questions for their guides. The twenty strong party was shown the whole Ferrari range and attracting the most attention were the LaFerrari and the new California T. The Ferrari Classiche department also proved popular as did the exclusive ‘Tailor Made” personalisation programme.

The group was clearly struck by the exclusivity of Ferrari and were also impressed by the level of innovation, as well as the constant and in-depth research that goes into every detail of the work carried out in Maranello.


Montezemolo opens dealership in Munich. Lengthy applause from 500 guests in support of Michael

Posted: 27.06.2014
Source: Ferrari

 Autohaus Saggio Opening Munich - 26.06.2014 / Image: Copyright Ferrari

Maranello, 27 June – A new message of encouragement for Michael Schumacher was delivered by Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo when yesterday evening, in front of 500 guests, he opened the new Munich dealership, Autohaus Saggio.

The President spoke at the opening of the new facility and his foremost thought was that, from Germany, he wanted to yet again send Michael all best wishes. The guests joined in with a long round of heartfelt applause. Montezemolo stressed the important ties that have exist between the Maranello marque and Germany, always a key market for the company, with many owners and collectors, some of them present at the opening of the new dealership.  It is built in the Bauhaus style featuring the highest levels of architecture and technology.

Also starring alongside the President last night was the Ferrari range which was much admired by the guests who appreciated its exclusivity, style and technology. Among the cars on show, the most attention went to the new Ferrari California T, the turbo engine GT car first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March.




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