Circuit Circuit of the Americas
Date 22.10.2017
Laps 56
Distance 308,405 km / 191,675 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari 2.
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari 3.


United States Grand Prix – Austin, Texas, 22 October

Posted: 22.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “Today’s race was closely fought from the start to the final lap. Sebastian made a great start to go into the lead and Kimi kept the race alive, with both men pulling off several passing moves. The team, both here at the track and back in Maranello, did a good job in coming back from the difficulties encountered in free practice on Friday. The most important thing is that we never gave up and getting both cars to the podium, even if it was not the ideal result, was achieved by fighting right to the end. We did that thanks to a car that, yet again proved to be competitive. Just as we did today, we will continue to fight to the very last corner of the final race.”

Sebastian Vettel: “My start was good today. I think also in Japan the start had been that good, but we just didn’t have power, so it’s good we had it done here. It was good to get the rhythm, but after a couple of laps I was really struggling with the tires that were getting too hot. I am a bit disappointed, because we couldn’t win and I had wanted to. We are on the right track, but all the things that happened to us came out not because of bad luck or because of somebody else; I think it was all on our side and we need to admit that. Then there were races in which we were stronger and we just didn’t race, which is even worse. There are positive aspects, but this was not the result we were looking for and thus, of course, it was not the best day.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “My car worked very well through the whole race. I was very pleased, it was so good and nice to drive. I felt we had a lot of speed and the tires lasted very well until the end. I’m sure that if we had started from the qualifying position we deserved, our pace would have been enough to get us a much better result. We kept gaining ground whenever I could push, which was a very good feeling. In the last part of the race I could have gone a lot faster, but I also had to manage fuel, so I slowed down my pace and this was a limiting factor. The final result could have been better, but we have two cars on the podium, so we cannot be too disappointed. For the next race we’ll try to be even stronger. Regarding the incident involving Verstappen, I can’t comment, because I haven’t seen what happened from where I was.”


United States Grand Prix – Double podium for Scuderia Ferrari

Posted: 22.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb second, Kimi reinstated to third

Austin, 22 October – Scuderia Ferrari is back on the podium thanks to Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen finishing second and third at the Circuit of the Americas, at the end of an incredible race that was action packed with passing moves and plenty of dramatic moments. The last of these actually came after the race, once the stewards deemed that Verstappen had left the track with all four wheels in passing Kimi for third at Turn 17. It meant that the Finn was reinstated onto the last step of the podium. With three races to go, the drivers’ title is still undecided mathematically, with Seb on 265 points and Kimi on 163. The front of the grid read as follows: Hamilton-Vettel, Bottas-Ricciardo, Raikkonen-Ocon. Conditions were warm and sunny after the morning storm: 27 degrees air temperature and 36 on the track. Seb got away really well to take the lead on the run up the hill. However, Kimi lost a place, but then retook the Force India on lap 2 and set off in pursuit of the Bottas-Ricciardo duo. Using DRS, Hamilton closed in on Seb, who had to give best under braking at the end of the longest straight. Kimi was running quicker at this stage and was slipstreaming Ricciardo, less than a second behind. On lap 13, he found a clear track ahead of him as the Red Bull pitted. Ricciardo would retire three laps later. Sebastian was struggling a bit with his tyres and pitted on lap 17 to fit the Softs, the hardest tyre available this weekend. He rejoined fifth and was immediately very quick. Bottas was the first of the Mercedes drivers to pit, while Seb posted a quickest lap in 1’39”702. On lap 19, Hamilton pitted and as he came out of pit lane, he had Sebastian in close attendance. Kimi then pitted, also taking on the yellow-banded tyre. He gradually closed on Bottas, who was himself making ground on Seb who was managing his race assets. Verstappen had carved his way up from the back end of the grid and when he opted for a second tyre stop, Ferrari changed its strategy, bringing Seb in as well, to fit the Supersofts. The number 5 car rejoined in front of Max, but it was Kimi who was putting on a show, dispatching Bottas at turn 12 to take second place. Seb upped his pace significantly and the gap to Bottas closed up. On lap 48, Vettel set the fastest race lap, which brought him into the DRS zone. Then came a simply brilliant move at the start of lap 51, as Seb attacked the Mercedes on the climb up to the first corner, going round the outside of Bottas, catching him out as they came up on the backmarker Vandoorne. Next up he passed Kimi who was on much older tyres. In fact, right at the end, the Finn lost third place to Verstappen, but that particular disappointment was not to last long.


United States Grand Prix – “We have a car with which to fight”

Posted: 21.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi determined to attack right from the start

Austin, October 21st – A solid team effort and a fine piece of driving on his very last run means Seb will start from the front row of the grid tomorrow. Kimi was unable to fully capitalize on the potential of the SF70H and ended up with fifth fastest, setting exactly the same lap time as Daniel Ricciardo. However, as the Australian set the time first, he starts ahead of the Ferrari man. Now it’s time for Scuderia Ferrari drivers and the whole team to focus on tomorrow’s race, when temperatures are expected to be lower than in Qualifying. “My final lap in Q3 was good enough for the front row”, Sebastian said “and in the end we got closer than we had expected. I am looking forward to the race, and then tomorrow we’ll see what we can do. The car is good and generally we have a better pace in racing, so it should be better tomorrow. Again, the team did a splendid job in rebuilding the car around a different chassis overnight and not even breaking the curfew! For tomorrow we need a good start first of all and then we need to put pressure on our competitors. I’m not too concerned about starting on the less rubbered-in side of the track, as we’ve seen in the past here that you can attack. We have the car to do so and we can fight”. “Today the car was better than it had been so far this weekend,” said Kimi. “After the Friday session we made some changes and in qualifying I had a good feeling. We tried our best, but fifth position was the maximum we could get. I think there was more to take out of the car, but in some places it was a bit tricky to get it right. I struggled to put all the corners together, some laps were good and in some others it was more difficult. It was a decent qualifying, but for sure it could have been better, so I can’t be satisfied with the result. At the start tomorrow it will be quite tight; we’ll try to make a good getaway from the line and see what we can achieve at the first corner…”.


United States Grand Prix – Scuderia Ferrari on the front row

Posted: 21.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb 2nd in qualifying, with Kimi 5th

Austin, 21 October – At the end of qualifying, held on the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen found themselves in second and fifth places respectively on the time sheet, with laps in 1’33”347 and 1’33”577. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers followed the usual tyre use programme, starting off on the Supersofts, before switching to the Ultrasofts. Tomorrow’s race gets underway at 14h00 local time (21h00 CET.)



United States Grand Prix – Free Practice 3. Ferrari second and fourth

Posted: 21.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb (with a changed chassis) ahead of Kimi

Austin, 21 October – At the end of the third and final free practice session at the Circuit of the Americas, the Ferrari SF70Hs set the second and fourth fastest times, running new and used Ultrasoft tyres. The chassis was changed on Sebastian’s car since yesterday as a precautionary measure. He went on to set the second fastest time of 1’34”570. Kimi Raikkonen ended the hour in fourth place with a 1’34”755. The track was dry throughout the session, but it was very windy. Qualifying takes place at 16h00 local time, 23h00 CET, with an unusually long gap of four hours from the end of practice.



United States Grand Prix – Mixed weather and a mixed-up day

Posted: 20.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

“The car is quick, no need to worry”

Austin – Once again, the SF70H car proved to be quick, but Seb’s practice was disrupted by a less-than perfect feeling with the car at the end of P2, when he was about to start long runs. In the end, he had to spend most of the afternoon session in the garage. Kimi had a more straightforward Friday and now Scuderia Ferrari is back at work to seek further improvement ahead of P3 and Qualifying tomorrow.

“It was a complicated afternoon” Seb commented “and not an easy session, but the car is quick, so we don’t need to worry too much about it. The only lap I had was the one with the Ultrasofts. Before that, I made a mistake taking too much risk and pushing too early. The track was quite slippery and I lost the rear under braking. So, we lost a set of tires, and then again, towards the end of the session, I felt that something was not right with the car. So, we checked a couple of times and now we are looking at the car to see if we can find something. I need to find the rhythm tomorrow and make sure everything’s in order”.

“In the morning the weather was a bit tricky to start with, but all in all it was an ok day,” said Kimi. “Just a normal Friday, in which we tried different things and learned as much as possible. Every circuit can be tricky when you’re trying to go fast, and for sure there can always be an improvement; but it was only the first day of practice. We don’t know what the other teams were doing and obviously it’s too early to make any predictions. All we know is that tonight we have some work to do for tomorrow”.


United States Grand Prix – Second practice ends

Posted: 20.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb third and Kimi sixth

Austin – Come the end of the second free practice session, Sebastian Vettel was third fastest in 1’35”192. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was sixth with a time of 1’35”514. Sebastian had a harmless spin around half an hour into the sessions, after he lost the rear end under braking, ending up in the gravel. He got the car back to the pits where the team made a set-up change, after which he had to pit again to have the front end checked over. He then went out again just before the end of the session. Kimi had a more straightforward afternoon, carrying out aerodynamic and tyre tests. Tomorrow the Texan track hosts the final free practice session at 18:00 CET, followed by qualifying at 23h00 CET.


United States Grand Prix – Changeable weather in Austin

Posted: 20.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

P1 starts in the wet: Seb 2nd fastest, Kimi 7th

Austin – This morning in Texas – this afternoon in Europe – the USA GP weekend, the 17th round of the F1 season got underway. The first free practice session started off on a wet track. For his first few laps, Sebastian Vettel assessed the Halo protection system. After that, both he and Kimi Raikkonen used the same types of tyre, the Intermediates and the Supersofts. Sebastian set the second fastest time in 1’36”928, with Kimi seventh in 1’37”598. The second free practice session gets underway at 14h00 local time.



United States Grand Prix – “The atmosphere hasn’t changed”

Posted: 19.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi ahead of US Grand Prix: we trust our package and our people

Austin, October 19th – The last few races have proved to be disappointing for Scuderia Ferrari, but the results haven’t dented the team’s morale and both Seb and Kimi fully believe in the potential that lies in the package for the last four rounds of the 2017 season, starting with the US GP in the capital city of Texas. So they’d rather look ahead to the new challenges than back to the missed opportunities. “I still think we have a chance” says Seb “and we only have to stay focused on our job. We have a great car and a good package, which could have won the last two races; we didn’t, but this doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance to win the last races. So, we need to look at what’s next and focus on the next events. Overall, I think it’s been a very good season for us so far. Some people will base their judgement on the last couple of races, which were not so good, but I think we are the team that improved the most this year. Probably nobody expected us to be as strong as we have been. So, I think there are many positive aspects. We still have races ahead of us and a strong car and we keep improving. We are going in the right direction and we have clever people on board. So I don’t look at what is already behind us, and I stay focused on what’s ahead of us. As for this weekend, I honestly don’t know what to expect here, but the track is ‘mixed’ and the speed is there, so I am optimistic”. “From  tomorrow on we’ll start to understand our level of competitiveness,” adds Kimi. “I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be strong here, but we must wait and see. We need to put things together better in the early part of the weekend and make sure that we can be up there all the time. In the last races we had some difficulties, but let’s not forget that in every one of them we’ve had a Ferrari car on the first row of the grid in qualifying. So, the atmosphere and the approach in the team  haven’t changed and I can’t find a reason why they should have. Obviously we have to understand and fix the issues; we need to minimize them and finish the races first of all, otherwise you pay a high price. But this all is part of racing, it’s not the first time it happens and it won’t be the last. We keep on working together as a team, even more closely now”.


United States Grand Prix – An American-style challenge

Posted: 17.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Austin, the heir to a very long tradition

The story linking Formula 1 and the United States is a long and complex one. A story which, for several years, in two eras and at different tracks, crossed paths with that of Indianapolis, as the 500 Miles was part of the F1 world championship from the 50s to the 60s and also featured a backdrop of street circuits such as Las Vegas, Dallas, Detroit, Long Beach and Phoenix and permanent tracks at Riverside, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Indy again, before finally landing up at the Circuit of the Americas.
Austin is a lively buzzing city, which is strong on music festivals. It’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird” which has grown into a whole ethos, while there’s a statue of a lady by the name of Angelina Eberly, who saved the city archives from being stolen by firing a cannon to wake up the townspeople. The track is set in the Texan plain surrounded by farms and Tex-Mex restaurants. It was opened in 2012, with the track layout built like a puzzle, featuring some of the most interesting corners from other championship tracks and surprisingly, it works. It runs anti-clockwise, like many of the newer venues and also like plenty of old American street circuits. Its stand out element, apart from the vertiginous viewing tower, is the very steep climb after the start, which leads to a hook-shaped left hander, designed specifically to offer various lines and encourage overtaking. Then comes a series of esses, reminiscent of Silverstone and Suzuka, another hairpin, a straight, and a twisty street-style section, which flows into a multi-radius corner in the style of the unforgettable Istanbul Park. Two tricky right angle corners complete the lap. Given the low tyre wear, the softest tyres in the range will be used here, namely, Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft.




F1 Clienti/XX Programmes – Two days of excitement at Imola

Posted: 11.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

The Imola circuit hosted an intensive two days of free practice sessions for customers of the special F1 Clienti and XX programmes. Over 26 Ferraris took to the track on the banks of the Santerno river for the ninth event in the calendar, ahead of the grand finale at Mugello from 26 to 29 October during the Finali Mondiali.

1990′s. The single-seaters from this decade included the F92A and F399. The latter triumphed with Michael Schumacher at Imola after a race dominated by his duel with the British David Coulthard. However, the F92A was a true concentrate of innovations, especially in aerodynamics. In fact it is remembered as the first Ferrari with a raised nose cone, thanks to the designers Jean Claude Migeot and Steve Nichols, who also endowed it with oval-shaped lateral air intakes separate from the body and, most strikingly, the “double-flat” bottom, which specifically aimed to generate the Venturi effect.

2000s. The cars of the 2000s on the technical track in Romagna were also noteworthy. One of them, the F2002, enabled Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello to win a peremptory double that took Ferrari to the top the constructors’ standings where they stayed until the end of the season. The F2007 driven by Felipe Massa was also on track: a single-seater that won the world championship with Kimi Raikkonen. The F2008, also driven by the Finn and winner of the constructors title, made an appearance, as did the F150° Italia with which Fernando Alonso raced in the 2011 season.

XX Programmes. Customers also drove the 4,909 metres of the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit behind the wheel of the cars of the exclusive XX Programme. Seven examples of the FXX K were on track. The most powerful Ferrari ever produced packs a 1000 hp-plus engine whose power derives from the combined action of the heat engine and electric motor. The 599XX, 599XX EVO and the FXX model that kicked off this customer-test activity 10 years ago, all shone during what was a real on-track workshop.

Gala evening. The stars of the F1 Clienti and XX programmes shared their passion for the Prancing Horse during an exclusive gala evening that has always been held for this type of event.



Finali Mondiali - Ferrari Challenge – The charge of the 101

Posted: 18.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 14 Oct 2017 – The Finali Mondiali are back at Mugello and as always the customer response has been fantastic, with a record number of 488 Challenges expected at the Tuscan circuit. They will also be joined by a number of drivers of the 458 Challenge EVO, the car that at this event ends its competitive career in the Ferrari single-make championship. A total of 101 drivers will be present, more than at last year’s Finali Mondiali at Daytona.

Trofeo Pirelli. Competitors in the three series of the Ferrari Challenge, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific (APAC) will be on track from Friday. Almost all the titles are still to be decided. While a fourth place finish in the second race at Imola was enough for Daniele Di Amato to seal the European Trofeo Pirelli, in North America the series is still up for grabs. Wei Lu, Cooper MacNeil and Martin Fuentes remain in the running with just nine points between them. The APAC series is also a three-way fight, but two good placings would be enough for Philippe Prette to seal another title.

Trofeo Pirelli Am. The three editions of the Trofeo Pirelli Am are wide open. Europe will see a three-way tussle between Jens Liebhauser, rookie Chris Froggatt and the experienced Martin Nelson. The Challenge APAC presents a similar picture, with Ken Seto in the lead but needing to fend off Tiger Wu and Yanbin Xing. However, the North America class is a two-way faceoff between Marc Muzzo and Chris Cagnazzi.

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell also sees some big duels, with two old acquaintances from the European Le Mans Series, Johnny Laursen and Henry Hassid, dominating in Europe. The Frenchman has already won the Gentlemen’s Cup for the over-55s but, with six victories this season, the Charles Pozzi team driver looks likely to try to seal the title on the ups and downs of Mugello. It is a two-way fight in Asia with the winner of the first part of the season, Makoto Fujiwara, having to hold off the pursuit of Eric Zang. Then there is another head-to-head in North America with Karl Williams in front of Barry Zekelman.

Trofeo Pirelli 458. The Trofeo Pirelli 458 is the other title already claimed, taken by Australia’s Martin Berry, who dominated the APAC championship. This class is only open to the 458 Challenge EVO, which at the end of Finali Mondiali is due to retire from the world’s most famous single-make championship. Otherwise, everything is wide open: just 16 points separate Holger Harmsen and Galip Atar, with the Turk almost within touching distance of becoming his country’s first Ferrari Challenge champion. The situation is even more open in the North America series, with Joe Rubbo leading Naveen Rao by two points, James Walker by five and Francesco Piovanetti by 17.

Ladies. Six women will also be competing in the Finali Mondiali at Mugello: Lisa Clark and Debra Palermo will race in the North America class while Kanthicha Chimsiri dominates the scene in the APAC series. In Europe, the hottest duel sees Fabienne Wohlwend, historic winner of the last race at Imola, battling it out with Manuela Gostner and Tina Kok. The last two rounds of the championship are on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday sees the turn of the three Finali Mondiali where a single race of all against all will decide the world champions in the various classes.


Finali Mondiali at Mugello, 26. - 29. October

Posted: 11.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 11 October 2017 – The 2017 Finali Mondiali at Mugello from 26 to 29 October, will give all fans a chance to enjoy four days of excitement and spectacle, marked by Ferrari’s unique and exclusive style. This event mixes sport, passion, and competition with the unmistakable magic of the historic Formula 1 cars and the incredible power and beauty of the FXX K, the latest car of the exclusive XX Programmes. The final races of the season in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific championships will take place. On Sunday, a record number of 488 Challenge will compete for the coveted world championship title. There is also great excitement ahead of the Ferrari Show on Sunday, which will feature the Scuderia Ferrari demonstrations of pit stops, thrilling accelerations and fast laps on the Maranello-owned circuit. Ferrari GT racing cars will take a bow at the end of a season in which they competed in the most prestigious championships. Indeed, there will be the 488 GTE that triumphed in the Manifacturers’ Championship of the WEC and is bidding for the 2017 titles with Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado, Sam Bird and Davide Rigon. Finally, the Finali Mondiali will offer many activities in the paddock, including some for the youngest Ferrari fans with the special Paddock Junior. Maranello’s entire range will be on display, including the brand new 812 Superfast and Portofino, presented only a few weeks ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Furthermore, in order to celebrate the 70 years Anniversary, in the paddock will be available in incredible display of 70 racing cars with GT racing cars and F1 cars from the past 70 years.



Ferrari RACEs to Wall Street

Posted: 09.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne Rings the NYSE Opening Bell

New York, 9 October 2017 – Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations in New York were capped off by Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne ringing of the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning.

Ferraris spanning the decades were found throughout the city over the weekend, as well in front of the famous Stock Exchange façade, ranging from time-honored classics to modern icons like the LaFerrari Aperta. This closes the 70th Anniversary celebrations in the United States, spectacular events that have brought clients, collectors and fans together to share the passion of the Prancing Horse that never gets old.



Ferrari Challenge Europe – Fabienne Wohlwend wins at Imola and makes history

Posted: 08.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

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Imola, 8 October 2017 – A page in the history of Ferrari Challenge was written at Imola, when for the first time a female driver left all her rivals behind to win a race in the Coppa Shell. Nineteen year-old Fabienne Wohlwend from Liechtenstein triumphed at the wheel of the 488 Challenge of Octane 126 team. The Trofeo Pirelli was also decided on the second day at Santerno, with Daniele Di Amato (CDP) taking the title with a round to go, while in the Trofeo Pirelli Am victory went to Jens Liebhauser (Formula Racing).

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell kicked off proceedings again on Sunday. This time Fabienne Wohlwend secured pole position at the wheel of the 488 Challenge of Octane 126 team and began writing her extraordinary tale. The girl from Liechtenstein was nearly three-tenths of a second ahead of Saturday’s winner, Henry Hassid, although clearly she still had it all to do in the race. At the start Hassid tried attacking her in the first two laps but she successfully fended him off. The group stretched out behind the top two with Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing) ahead of Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing) and the Gostner family duo of Manuela and Thomas with the 488 Challenge of Ineco-MP Racing. Hassid let Wohlwend go for a while but then pulled closer launching another attack three laps from the end. However, Fabienne held him off again and in so doing wrote an amazing page in the history of motorsport and Ferrari. Johnnhy Laursen came third but still tops the championship standings with a healthy lead over the Frenchman.

Trofeo Pirelli. The Trofeo Pirelli title was decided in a rather extraordinary race. At the start everything pointed to Philipp Baron, in the 488 Challenge of Rossocorsa, making up points on Daniele Di Amato who had failed to start in the CDP team car. At the off poleman Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126) kept his head but Baron immediately began pressing him in an attempt to make the most of the absence of his title rival. On the second lap Baron launched an attack and the pair went into the Tamburello chicane side-by-side with Baron coming out fractionally ahead. However, Grossmann kept his foot down and touched the rear of Baron’s 488 Challenge sending it into a spin. The Austrian driver collided with the barriers, ending his race there. At that very moment the CDP team mechanics managed to put Di Amato back on track and although he crossed the finish line three laps off the pace, he still sealed the European championship for the second time after his win in 2014. Grossmann was penalised for contact with Baron, dropping from first to third place. This left top spot to Sam Smeeth for his first Pro victory at the wheel of the 488 Challenge of Stratstone Ferrari, ahead of Alessandro Vezzoni for Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing team.

Pirelli Am. The Trofeo Pirelli Am saw a counterattack by championship leader Jens Liebhauser (Formula Racing) who dominated the day from qualifying. The race was fought at the highest level with Liebhauser pursued by the winner of Race-1, Martin Nelson (Scuderia Autoropa) who was in turn followed by the season’s other big star, Britain’s Chris Froggatt. Victory in the Trofeo Pirelli 458 again went to Galip Atar (Octane 126), increasingly dominant in the standings. The next round is in three weeks on Friday and Saturday October 27-28 with the Finali Mondiali at Mugello.


Challenge Europe – Race-1 wins at Imola for Grossmann, Nelson and Hassid

Posted: 07.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Imola, 7 October 2017 – Bjorn Grossmann, Martin Nelson and Henry Hassid won the first races of the sixth round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe at Imola. However, the women stole the show, with Fabienne Wohlwend on the podium and Manuela Gostner fourth at the wheel of their 488 Challenge in the Coppa Shell. Overtaking, duels and a some mistakes on a tricky track made for two spectacular races on the Santerno circuit.

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell kicked off the day on Saturday, with Henry Hassid starting best from pole position. However, the French driver didn’t manage to pull away, finding himself just a few tenths of a second in front of championship leader Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing), the 19 year-old from Liechtenstein Fabienne Wohlwend (Octane 126) and the pairing of Manuela and Thomas Gostner (Ineco MP-Racing). At around midrace Laursen, who had only made the race thanks to the excellent work of Formula Racing after a crash in the final minutes of qualifying, began to come under pressure from Wohlwend who kept tabs on the Dane for three or four laps before launching an attack at the Rivazza. The championship leader managed to defend from the first assault but on the following lap the 19 year-old did brilliantly to force her rival into a mistake at the Tamburello chicane allowing her to slip into second place. However, the entrance of the Safety Car, called on track after an accident involving Tadakazu Kojima (Formula Racing), frustrated her desire to cause problems for Hassid. The Safety Car returned to the pitlane just before the last lap after which the positions remained the same. This was Hassid’s sixth victory in seven races (he also won the Gentlemen Cup) and a first podium in the Ferrari Challenge for Fabienne Wohlwend who finished ahead of Laursen, who still tops the championship standings 28 points ahead of Hassid. Manuela and Thomas Gostner finished fourth and fifth.

Trofeo Pirelli. It was a chaotic start for the Trofeo Pirelli. Philipp Baron jumped the grren light and found himself at the Tamburello corner level with the top two in the standings, poleman Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126), and championship leader Daniele Di Amato (CDP). Grossmann went in first followed by Baron, while Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa Pellin-Racing) collided with Di Amato who had needed to leave space for the Austrian of Rossocorsa. The CDP driver did a complete spin after which he managed to restart but from the back of the group. Vezzoni came off worse after being hit by Ettore Contini (Kessel Racing) and was forced to retire. On the second lap the race officials penalised Baron with a drive-through penalty for the jump start and so the Austrian finished behind Di Amato. It was an almost easy victory for Grossmann, ahead of Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) and Di Amato, who had fought back to gain two points on Baron, his closest rival.

Pirelli Am. Martin Nelson reigned supreme in the Trofeo Pirelli Am after two unlucky race weekends. The Scuderia Autoropa driver dominated from start to finish, forcing opponents into one mistake after another to try to keep his pace. Bonamy Grimes, in the 488 Challenge of Stratstone Ferrari, was the first to make a mistake, then it was the turn of Tommaso Rocca (Rossocorsa) and finally, at the Variante Alta, Marc Brough (Graypaul Nottingham). All this gifted second position to none other than Chris Froggatt (HR Owen), who had started from last due to a crash in qualifying. However, Brough still managed to salvage a spot on the podium with third place, his first in the Ferrari Challenge. Nelson and Froggatt thus reopened the race for the title with Jens Liebhauser having a very unlucky race. Starting from pole, he was caught up in an accident at the start involving Pro class drivers and ended up losing his rear spoiler. The German had to make a pitstop to remove it entirely and thus finished only ninth. In the Trofeo Pirelli 458 victory went to Galip Atar (Octane 126). It will be the same again on Sunday with the Coppa Shell at 12:50 pm and the Trofeo Pirelli at 3:35 pm.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – The series returns to Imola

Posted: 04.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 4 October 2017 – Imola will be the venue next weekend for one of the most important events of the Ferrari Challenge Europe season. Indeed a number of titles may be decided there with one round still to go. Over forty 488 Challenges are expected at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit, which together with the 458 Challenge EVOs, will offer a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Trofeo Pirelli. The Trofeo Pirelli, currently led by Daniele Di Amato of CDP, is one of the championships that may be decided over the weekend. The young Italian is 43 points out in front and if he leaves Imola having gained three more points on his main rival, Austria’s Philipp Baron, would seal a second career win in the 25 year-old championship. However, the Rossocorsa team driver isn’t taking anything for granted as he showed in his victory in the last race at Silverstone. Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) and Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa Pellin-Racing) are locked in a battle for third, separated by just two points.

Pirelli Am. The Trofeo Pirelli Am certainly won’t be decided at Imola. Germany’s Jens Liebhauser, of Formula Racing, has a 16-point lead over the big star of the Silverstone weekend, Chris Froggatt (HR Owen). Sweden’s Martin Nelson of Autoropa Scuderia is third and a bit further back but it would be foolish to rule him out. He dominated the first part of the season and if he were to regain the form of the first two rounds could yet turn the tables.

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell battle has also unexpectedly reopened. Indeed, it seemed that Denmark’s Johnny Laursen, who drives for Formula Racing, the team with which he also won the 2015 European Le Mans Series behind the wheel of a 458 Italia, was on his way to the title. However, France’s Henry Hassid did the double at Silverstone and, with his rival’s withdrawal in Race-2, is now 36 points off top spot. There is a big scrap for third place, with Eric Cheung (Formula Racing), Christophe Hurni (Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne) and Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing) all within 10 points of each other.

Women. The battle for the Ladies’ Cup is wide open. Besides current leader Manuela Gostner, and Tina Kok, Imola will also see the return of young Fabienne Wohlwend, Liechtenstein’s representative in the race with the 488 Challenge of Octane 126.

Programme. The Challenge weekend will kick off on Wednesday with a day of testing although the actual programme will open on Friday with tests and free practices. On Saturday and Sunday qualifying for Race-1 is scheduled for 9 am (Coppa Shell) and 11.30 am (Trofeo Pirelli) with the races scheduled for 12:50 pm and 3:35 pm.


Circuit Suzuka International Racing Course
Date 08.10.2017
Laps 53
Distance 307,471 km / 191,094 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari retired/ spark plug
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari 5.


Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka 8 October

Posted: 08.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “Once again, despite our car clearly having great potential, things did not go to plan. The problem that stopped Seb was down to a broken spark plug. We spotted that something was not right on the lap to the grid and we tried our best to fix the problem. Seb got a great start, but shortly afterwards we had to call him back to the garage prior to retiring the car. Kimi’s race was compromised by his less than ideal start position, which came about because of the penalty he had to take for a change of gearbox following his accident in P3. From there, he was able to move up the order as far as fifth place. As I’ve said before, we know that the car, the drivers and the team are all on the pace. That is why we will tackle the coming races with great effort and even more determination. Right up to the last corner of thelast Grand Prix.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Our starting position today was not ideal. I did a decent start on the soft tires and in the first lap I tried to gain some positions, but when I attempted to pass a Renault I ran wide and lost some places; so I had to make them back. The feeling in the car was a little bit tricky all the way through the race, not the nicest balance; some laps were ok, some others a bit more difficult. It’s quite tricky to follow other cars on this track; we did a fairly good job out of overtaking people but we were too far from those at the front. Obviously, the final result is far from being the best possible. As for Sebastian, I don’t know what happened; we have made a lot of improvements over the last few years as a team, but now, for whatever reason, we suddenly seem to have technical issues coming out from nothing. It’s kind of weird, our cars are running perfectly and suddenly on Sunday there is an problem that nobody expects. There is some work to be done on that side. Then we are going to push until the last lap of the last race and we’ll see where we end up.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t know if this situation has much to do with reliability. But we didn’t finish the race, so there is a problem. I think it was a small issue causing a big one. We didn’t have power already at the start and we tried to reset everything getting the power back, but something didn’t work. Of course now the Championship is more difficult and not finishing the race doesn’t help. I also said to the guys to get back home and have some rest because it’s been a tough week with a lot of changes. Then we’ll come back with a better package to do well for the last four races and then we’ll see. Overall, I believe the team is in a good way. We are improving race by race and there are positive aspects too. But, of course, today you can’t look too much at positive things.”


Japanese Grand Prix – Seb let down by a spark plug

Posted: 08.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

He retires after a few laps. Kimi’s great fight back to fifth

Suzuka, 8 October –Scuderia Ferrari comes away from Japan with the points for fifth after Kimi made up that same number of places off the grid. From the outset, Sebastian Vettel was robbed of any chance to fight for the win, when a spark plug on one cylinder failed. However, Kimi’s performance proved that the team and the car are capable of getting the job done and until the maths says it’s over, we will keep trying. Moving on to the race: it started wth Seb on the right side alongside Hamilton, with Kimi tenth, after taking a penalty for the gearbox change between P3 and qualifying. Seb got off the line well, but not well enough to take the lead, as Kimi maintained position, before dropping down the order after running off track, while dueling with Hulkenberg. But on Seb’s car there was already a problem with the ignition and he lost one place on the opening lap. The Safety Car came out after Sainz crashed and Sebastian was sixth and losing ground. The number 5 car was called back into the pits and the mechanics tried to fix the problem. However, a few minutes later Seb climbed out of the cockpit. A spark plug was broken and it was pointless to go on. Meanwhile, having started on the Soft tyres he had used in Q2, Kimi found himself eighth, 18 seconds off the lead. He passed Massa on lap 14 and kept chasing. By lap 28, he was fourth before pitting for Supersofts and rejoining in sixth. At the start of lap 33, he set his sights on Hulkenberg and passed him. From then on, he managed the fuel and tyres in the closing stages, also putting in some very quick laps, while the Virtual Safety Car came out with four laps remaining. With two cars on track, it would have been a different story.


Japanese Grand Prix – A fight and a miracle

Posted: 07.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb will start from P2, Kimi’s car rebuilt in time for Qualifying

Suzuka, October 7th – A first-row grid position rewarded Seb’s efforts today, while Kimi had a troublesome Saturday. After crashing in the P3 session at Degner curve, a race against time started in the garage, which saw Ferrari’s mechanics complete the almost impossible task of re-building the car around a new gearbox in time to send Kimi out in Q1. He will have to serve a 5-slot grid penalty though, while Seb’s third best time is good enough for second place, as Valtteri Bottas also had to fit a new gearbox to his car and will therefore drops down the order. “I think the car was very good today”, Seb said “and I was happy with it, but it was just not enough for pole position. In my last run, I tried to push maybe a little too much, knowing that Valtteri wasn’t a threat because of his grid penalty, but it didn’t work. But overall, our car was fine. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and hot, which makes the difference and then we’ll see. We normally have a stronger car in the race than in Quali. It’s important to have a good balance here and then you can always try something with the stops. Also, I am confident we should have a good start, and that is important, but after that there are a lot of laps and strategy is important as well. In terms of pace, hopefully we should be closer to our competitors. We’ll see tomorrow”. Kimi’s comments echoed a difficult day: “It was not a great start of the day to go off track this morning in P3, not the ideal preparation for qualifying. After that, everything got more difficult, but the team did a great job to get the car back in one piece. In Qualifying the car felt ok, but it was a bit tricky; the biggest issue was the limited running we had had with new tires in the morning. In Q3, when I really had to push, I made a mistake in the first run and I had a pretty average lap time in the second one. Now I pay the price of my mistake. After my crash, we’ve got a five places penalty for replacing the gearbox. This obviously complicates our race even more. Tomorrow it’s not going to be easy, but I think that we have a good car for the race”.


Japanese Grand Prix – Front row at Suzuka

Posted: 07.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb will start from second and Kimi gets a 5 place gearbox grid penalty

Suzuka, 7 October – Sebastian Vettel was third quickest in qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix with a lap in 1’27”791. However, the German will start from second as Bottas has a penalty for changing his gearbox. Kimi Raikkonen was sixth fastest in 1’28”498, but he too takes a five place grid penalty as his transmission had to be changed following his crash in FP3. Once again the team produced a real miracle in rebuilding the Finn’s car in time for Q1. The race starts at 14h00 tomorrow local time, (07h00 CET.)




Japanese Grand Prix – FP3, both ends of the spectrum

Posted: 07.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb third, Kimi crashes

Suzuka, 7October –After last night’s rain, the weather improved this morning prior to the final free practice session at the Suzuka circuit, which got underway at noon. The team began with some long run work, before going on to qualifying simulations. Seb was the quickest of the two Ferrari men, taking his SF70H round in 1’29”379. Unfortunately, Kimi had an off-track excursion when he lost the rear end at turn 9. The car ended up in the barriers, damaging the left side. It will be repaired in the garage in time for qualifying, which gets underway at 15h00 local time, (08h00 CET.)




Japanese Grand Prix – “It was good to feel the power”

Posted: 06.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi believe the car can be on the pace-also in the wet

Suzuka, October 6 – An encouraging first session and a nearly useless second one sums up the first day of practice at the Japanese Grand Prix. After setting first and fourth best times respectively in the morning P1, Seb and Kimi limited their running to an installation lap each in a rain-soaked afternoon session. “Today we were expecting to have difficult conditions in the afternoon, so we focused on the morning session”, said Kimi. “We did a little bit more running and generally, we worked on our programme like every other Friday. Overall it was not bad and the feeling was ok. In the afternoon we did not even try to learn anything; we are limited on tires and we have to save the full wet compound in case qualifying is run in wet conditions. It’s a pity because we did not do a lot of laps, but at least we have got some ideas. As for tomorrow, let’s wait and see what happens in the morning and then through the day. Whatever it will be, we are going to do our best”. Seb added: “I think we had a decent morning. We tried a lot of things and it was good to feel the power of the car. This afternoon was expected to be wet. We would have loved to run a little bit more, but you can’t do the right amount of driving, because you don’t want to “burn” your tire supply in these conditions. The results of the last two races were not good, but the car is strong. We have every reason to be confident and I am sure that on Sunday we’ll be able to show what we can do. If tomorrow’s qualifying is wet, then we should improve. The last qualifying in wet conditions happened in Monza and it was not a good result. In Malaysia it was a little bit better, but we hope we learned our lesson. It’s up to us to get it right. Whatever the weather will be, I hope we can show our potential”.


Japanese Grand Prix – Free practice 2, a flooded track at Suzuka

Posted: 06.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi only do an installation lap

Suzuka, 6 October – Torrential rain washed out the entire second free practice session. The two Ferrari drivers limited their activity to a single installation lap, running the Extreme tyres, without setting a lap time. FP3 starts at 12h00 local time tomorrow (05h00 CET.)




Japanese Grand Prix – Seb fastest in FP1

Posted: 29.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Kimi fourth. Soft and Supersoft tyres used 

Suzuka, 6 October –Formula 1 is back in action for the 16th round of the World Championship in Japan, having come here straight from last Sunday’s race in Malaysia. At the end of the first free practice session, Sebastian Vettel was quickest with a lap in 1’29”166, with Kimi Raikkonen fourth in 1’29”638. Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers used the Soft and Supersoft tyres. The session was red-flagged, after Carlos Sainz crashed in his Toro Rosso. Once the session restarted the Ferrari duo did some race configuration running.


Japanese Grand Prix – “We have a strong package here”

Posted: 05.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi relish the challenge of Suzuka

Suzuka, October 5 – It’s back to old Suzuka again: the Japanese Grand Prix landed here thirty years ago for the first time and the circuit has become a highlight of the championship ever since. Scuderia Ferrari drivers have made no secret of ranking Suzuka among their favourite tracks. The goal here is to keep the battle for the championship alive after the difficulties experienced in the last two Grands Prix.

“I believe we still have a chance” Sebastian says “and I want to be sure we’re going to use it. We’ve been looking at the issues we had in our cars and I think we have a pretty good understanding of them. But the process is still ongoing in order to get the big picture of what happened. At least it’s nice to hear that the gearbox should be OK after the accident on the slow-down lap at Sepang. As for this weekend in Japan, in the last two years we have not been competitive enough here, but this year it may be different; I am fairly open minded, but I’m convinced that we have a strong package. There are five races to go in the championship and we are behind in the points standings: the final outcome will also depend on what our competitors do”.

Kimi also relishes the challenge of the track: “Suzuka is a challenging circuit, a bit old style. It‘s quite narrow and the run-off areas, which used to be gravel, now have a tarmac surface. You need a good set-up to be able to push because in the first sector you can lose a lot of time. Here, like any circuit this year, I think we’ll be quicker. Because of the downforce we can be a bit slower in the straight, but through the corners we should be faster. There’s a lot of high speed corners, especially the first part. In the past, some corners have been a bit tricky, maybe this year they are going to be easier because we’ll be driving full speed through them. Hopefully our car will be where we have been lately. In the last race we have had an unexpected issue, bua a lot of work has been done to understand what failed. If that’s going to be enough to be first or second, we will see. The three top teams are pretty close, you have to get everything right and do your best. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will hold at some point, so that we can actually do some proper running”.


Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka, a driver’s paradise

Posted: 03.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Even after 30 years, all drivers like it

Suzuka, 3 October – Torrential rain greeted the Scuderia Ferrari team members as they landed in Japan. However, the current forecast is for better weather over the weekend, with the possible exception of Friday.
The Suzuka track is one of the classics of the Formula One Championship and exactly 30 years ago, it hosted its first Grand Prix. On that occasion, the race was won by Gerhard Berger in a Ferrari F1/87, the Austrian having started from pole position. From then on, apart from a couple of years when the race returned to Fuji, Formula One has always raced at this track in the Mie prefecture.

The track is pretty much universally liked by the drivers, even if no one can forget the 2014 tragedy that befell Jules Bianchi, a rising star for motor racing and for the Prancing Horse. Technically, it’s an “old style” circuit, narrow, with minimal run-off areas, corners with only one clear line and an interesting range of turns. The best known of these is undoubtedly the double uphill “esses” after the first corner, a place where Michael Schumacher was particularly adept at making a difference and there was almost a sense of destiny in the fact that, twice, he clinched the Drivers’ title here with Ferrari, in 2000 and 2003.

The key to Suzuka, in terms of driving, is to find a rhythm, so that getting the flow right through the turns is the key to success. With the 2017 cars and their very high aerodynamic downforce levels, a tricky corner such as the famous 130R, named after the original radius of its turn, could almost become a straight. But that won’t make the Japanese track and it’s unusual setting within an amusement park, any less of a challenge. And as for the fans, they are truly unique when it comes to their level of passion and enthusiasm.



Rally marking the 55th anniversary of the 250 GTO arrives at Maranello

Posted: 30.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

The 250 GTO rally has arrived at Maranello. Fifty-five years down the line this venerable road and racing car is still one of the most famous and admired Ferraris of all time.

Over the last week 20 specimens of the 36 built since 1962, drove through Tuscany. Based in Florence, the 250 GTOs crossed the hills of Chianti and, in honour of a rich history of sports victories, showed off their powers at the Mugello circuit.

This exceptional rally returned “home” yesterday to parade on the Fiorano track before continuing to the Maranello plant.


Circuit Kuala Lumpur
Date 01.10.2017
Laps 56
Distance 310,408 km / 192,919 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari 4.
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF70-H -
Scuderia Ferrari did not start / technical problem


Malaysian Grand Prix – Sepang, 1 October

Posted: 01.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “All weekend, it was clear we had a very competitive car. That could be seen from our pace in free practice, Kimi’s front row in qualifying and Seb’s amazing fight back in the race, when he went from last to fourth. However, it all added up to our hardest race of the year, as we had to confront problems that we will now analyse in depth. They prevented Sebastian from qualifying and Kimi from even taking the start. The team remained focused on its job throughout, putting in a great deal of effort working in the garage and then implementing an impeccable strategy. It’s further cause to continue to believe in ourselves: we have the car, the men, the drivers, the means and the spirit to fight all the way to the finish.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I am still optimistic, because we know that we have a quick car. Of course it was a shame for Kimi who couldn’t take the start, and for me having to begin my race from the back of the grid. We tried to fight for the podium, pushed very hard, but in the end the tires were starting to give up and we couldn’t be really there. However, it is promising to see the car is good, even if both Kimi and I hit trouble this weekend. I don’t know yet if the issue is the same on both cars, we’ll need to have a look. For sure it’s not ideal having one car out yesterday and another one today. So, there’s something we need to understand. It’s been a difficult weekend, but nevertheless the speed is there. So far we’ve had a pretty good record for this year regarding reliability. I am not that worried to be honest, but we need to get on top of the problem.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “We don’t know what happened today, it’s too early to say. The car had been working perfectly all weekend and suddenly, out of nothing, we had an issue. It’s one of those things that unfortunately can happen. Car and speed wise we have been very good, but then unfortunately Seb had problems yesterday and we had ours today. I’m pretty sure that I would have had a very good car today, but obviously you never know and it’s pointless to start guessing. We have a good package, but we have to take the most out of it. What happened today is very disappointing and hurts all of us, but there’s nothing we can change right now. The next race is a new challenge again, we’ll go there as in any race weekend, and then we’ll see where we are.”


Malaysian Grand Prix – Seb fights back, Kimi left disappointed

Posted: 01.10.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Vettel goes from last to 4th. Raikkonen unable to exploit front row start

Sepang, 1 October – Sebastian Vettel went from last on the grid to fourth at the flag. It was a performance that confirmed just how competitive was the Ferrari package today. However, Kimi Raikkonen didn’t get the chance to confirm that. He lined up on the front row of the grid, but the warning signs had been there on his lap out of the garage and a problem on his SF70H meant he was unable to take the start. Seb made a good start and fought his way up the order, passing cars all the way to fifth place. He had taken the start on the harder Soft tyres and, at half-distance, pitted to take on the Supersofts. With these, he then proceeded to put in a series of fast laps which meant he closed right up on third placed Ricciardo.
However, he lost some ground when he was slowed by a backmarker and from then on, he managed his lead over Bottas, crossing the line with 12 points in the bag; something that had seemed inconceivable at the start.


Malaysian Grand Prix – Sweet and sour in Sepang

Posted: 30.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Kimi P2, Seb with no lap times: “We’ve got a a chance, and a good car to recover”

Sepang, Malaysia – On a day in which Kimi showed the potential of Scuderia Ferrari by taking P2 on the grid after a hard-fought battle, Seb was unable to set a time due to a problem which prevented the compressor from feeding air to the engine properly. A new V6 engine had been fitted to his SF70 after P3 for precautionary reasons, and the engine came complete with parts which had been run before and were factory-proven. Nevertheless, the Team is determined to fight to the end.

“Straight away I understood there was something wrong” said Seb. “Today we had decided to change the engine after P3, then I went out and everything seemed to work, but during the flying lap in turn 5, I suddenly felt like I was losing power. I was lucky to limp back to the garage so that we could have a look. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fix the problem. We tried to find the issue when we took the engine cover off, but we couldn’t find anything wrong. So, we decided to fire it up and see if we could drive again. As soon as the engine was running, we could see the issue was still there. It’s a shame because the car is quick, but tomorrow we should be able to fight back. I don’t have expectations in terms of numbers, but anything can happen and that’s why we race. I want to be sure we can achieve our best. We need to know why we got the issue today and make sure it won’t happen again. This kind of thing can happen in our sport, but the race is tomorrow. We need to be positive”.

Kimi had this to say about his qualifying: “Our car has been handling well all weekend. Today in qualifying we got close, but we would have needed a fractionally faster lap time. I think that the car had it, but you can always lose a little bit here and there. It’s disappointing not to be first, but tomorrow is going to be a long race for both cars and tires. I have the feeling that we have a good car and a very good chance for the race. If it’s going to be dry we are probably more confident, but our car has been good in both conditions and with all fuel loads. What happened to Seb is disappointing, very unfortunate for him and for the team. The guys did an excellent job to change all the parts getting the car back in one piece and ready to go, but then unfortunately he had to stop. Tomorrow is another day, he will have good speed and I’m sure that he can recover well”.


Malaysian Grand Prix – One Ferrari on the front row, one on the back

Posted: 30.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Problems for Vettel in qualifying

Sepang, 30 September –Today’s qualifying at the Sepang International Circuit produced a very split result for Scuderia Ferrari. Kimi Raikkonen, who lapped in 1’30”121, will start from the front row of the grid for the Malaysian Grand Prix, but Sebastian Vettel was unable to complete a lap in Q1 because of a turbo problem which could not be fixed in time.




Malaysian Grand Prix – Final free practice in Sepang

Posted: 30.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Ferrari first and second, Seb’s car gets precautionary engine change

Sepang, 30 September –The third and final free practice session for the Malaysian Grand Prix with Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel claiming the top two slots on the time sheet. Kimi took his Ferrari round in a time of 1’31’”880, while Sebastian’s best lap was a 1’32”042. Both Scuderia Ferrari men used the Supersoft tyres. Towards the end of the session, there was an electronic malfunction on Seb’s car and the engineers decided to change the internal combustion engine on his car as a precaution. Qualifying gets underway at 17h00 local time (11h00 CET.)


Malaysian Grand Prix – “We could have improved further”

Posted: 29.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi: “The car felt good, now it’s up to us to make it work in all conditions”

Sepang, Malaysia, September 29th – The clouds cleared enough for the rain to stop and the second Free Practice session was blessed with fair, if overcast, weather. Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Seb and Kimi, focused on their programme and topped the time sheet at the end of a session which was cut short by the red flag with about ten minutes to go, when Romain Grosjean drove over a dislodged drain cover which cut through his right rear tyre, causing a heavy collision with the barriers: seconds earlier, Kimi had brushed across the same spot. “This morning we had a bit of mixed conditions and there was not so much running,” commented Seb. “This afternoon it was better and the cars seemed to be quite ok right from the beginning of the session. Then we tried something new, but unfortunately we couldn’t complete our programme as we had wished to, because of the red flag. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow. It’s only Friday, usually the day when you spend time trying various things on the car. We would have liked to drive a little bit more, but overall it was a decent afternoon. We have a good car and it’s up to us to make it work in all conditions”. “Today’s been ok and everything ran smoothly,” said Kimi. “In the morning we had wet conditions and only managed a few laps, and in the afternoon the  session was cut short  because of the issue with the track. It’s a pity that we couldn’t use the whole session and do more timed laps, because for sure we could have further improved. But the car was feeling good: I made some mistakes on a new set of tires but apart from that it was a pretty straightforward day. Lap times don’t mean much today, as obviously we don’t know what everybody else was doing”.


Malaysian Grand Prix – Both Ferraris in front in Practice 2

Posted: 29.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Seb ahead of Kimi in dry session

Sepang, 29 September –The Ferrari duo topped the time sheet come the end of the second free practice session at the Sepang Circuit, setting their best times on the Supersoft compound. Sebastian Vettel was fastest with a lap in 1.31.261, which is a new record for this track, while Kimi Raikkonen was second in 1.31.865. They also ran the Soft tyres will working on an aero and long run programme. The track was dry throughout the session but was red flagged with around 10 minutes remaining, when Romain Grosjean had a big crash, after his car caught a loose drain cover at the side of the track at turn 13. FP3 starts tomorrow’s F1 action, at 14h00 local time, 08h00 CET.


Malaysian Grand Prix – Wet FP1 in Sepang

Posted: 29.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Kimi fourth, Seb fifth

Sepang – Heavy rain delayed the start of the first free practice session for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. Then, after half an hour, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers went out to assess track conditions, first of all on Full Wets and then with the Intermediate tyres. At the chequered flag, Kimi Raikkonen’s best lap was a 1’50”734, good enough for fourth fastest, while Sebastian Vettel was right behind in fifth, with a 1’51”009. The forecast for FP2, which starts at 15h00 local time, (09h00 CET) is still uncertain.


Malaysian Grand Prix – “Team reaction has been good”

Posted: 28.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb look ahead to Sepang’s hot challenge: “We should be OK here”

Sepang, September 28 – Another track, another race weekend. For the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Kimi and Seb, the last edition of the Malaysian Grand Prix is all they’re focused on. “It’s a new race weekend” says Kimi “and our approach is always the same; we’ll do our best  trying to be one and two at the end. I have good memories from Sepang, as this is where I won my  first race in 2003 ,it was a great day. And I won again for Scuderia Ferrari in 2008, so it’s more good memories.  The circuit is nice to drive; conditions can be quite extreme in many ways and the track is demanding for both the car and the driver. It can be very hot and then suddenly rain may come, and when it’s raining here there’s so much water that you cannot drive anymore because of the aquaplaning.  It’s hard to know what will happen this weekend, but from tomorrow we will understand more. I have the feeling that we should be ok, but who knows. We’ll start smoothly and hopefully we can have a good weekend”. Like his team-mate, Seb has turned the page on the bitterness of the last Grand Prix. “We talked about what happened in Singapore and we moved on. The reaction of the team has been good and we were all enthusiastic about coming here. We know we have a strong package, so now let’s see what we can do. I want to win the next races and I don’t need to think about anything else. I think we can still win and count on ourselves. It’s up to us to make good use of our package. We have shown in most of the races that we are competitive and we still want to improve. I am looking forward to racing here, and then we still have a lot of races ahead and a lot of things may happen”.


Malaysian Grand Prix – Goodbye Sepang

Posted: 27.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Heading for the final running of a tough but fascinating Grand Prix

Goodbye Malaysia: this weekend’s Grand Prix in South East Asia is the 19th and last to be held here. When it made its debut back in 1999, the Sepang circuit was at the cutting edge of a new generation of facilities, all from the pen of Hermann Tilke. The track features a combination of high speed turns, long straights and hairpins and these are laid out in an elegant setting, the highlights of which are the design of the grandstands and the lighting in the paddock. It is a window on a country which is undergoing extensive socio-economic development, with its citizens coming from three distinct ethnic backgrounds – Malaysian, Chinese and Indian – all living in harmony.

The first edition featured the return to racing of Michael Schumacher, after he had broken his leg at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was a memorable weekend for Scuderia Ferrari, with Schumi starting from pole and working to help Eddie Irvine’s chances of winning the world title. One year later in Sepang, with the Drivers’ title already in the bag, the Prancing Horse team also secured the Constructors’ crown. Malaysia was also the setting for Sebastian Vettel’s first win in red back in 2015.

The track is very technical, with corners that put the tyres under a lot of stress, thanks to the lateral acceleration loads, the abrasive track surface and the intense heat. This year, having assessed the behaviour of their tyres, Pirelli has opted to leave the Hard compound at home, bringing instead the Mediums, Softs and Supersofts. It’s always possible that the rain tyres will also see some action, given the forecast for the weekend doesn’t rule out the chance of storms, which are usually very heavy.

The weather is another challenge with suffocating heat and humidity. All weekend, the drivers work especially carefully on keeping hydrated, so as not to suffer too much in the race, when they might get a slight chance to pause for breath down the two straights (the longest of which is 900 metres) prior to and after turn 15. A difficult Grand Prix for man and machine, which despite this, or maybe because of it, has always had a charm all of its own.



A crowd of 18,000 flocks to the Ferrari Family Day

Posted: 17.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Record visitor numbers in Maranello for the employee open day

Maranello, 23 September 2017 – What better way to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary than with a record turnout for the now-traditional Family Day for the company’s employees and their families. In all around, 18,000 people thronged the Maranello factory complex and the Scaglietti premises in Modena for the event which was also attended by Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne and Vice-Chairman Piero Ferrari. Some of the company’s most exclusive areas were opened to the visitors especially for the occasion, not least the new car test-benches  and Ferrari Classiche department in the Production Car area as well as the ultramodern GES Racing Division building where the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team is headquartered. The latter, of course, was hugely popular. Family Day also provided a close look at the single-seaters past and present as well as other racing cars. Also on display, of course, was the current GT range, most notably, the newly-arrived Ferrari Portofino.



Ferrari Racing Days – Over 25,000 people at Silverstone for the Prancing Horse

Posted: 24.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Silverstone, 24 September 2017 – Two beautiful sunny days made for an unforgettable Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone from Friday to Sunday. The main European event of the 2017 Corse Clienti season drew over 80 Ferraris including 488 Challenges, 458 Challenge EVOs, and the cars of the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti, including the F60 driven by Marc Gené during the F1 Show, to the venue of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. Besides the track activities, the over 25,000 fans could go the store to buy official merchandise, or admire the stand with the history of the one-make series cars from the first one, the 348 Challenge, or see all the cars on the market in the current range.

Show. Scuderia Ferrari with Marc Gené put on the most hotly anticipated show. The Spanish driver, at the wheel of an F60, captivated the public with a series of fast laps, classic donuts on the main straight and three simulated pit stops helped by the Prancing Horse mechanics. At the end of the exhibition, Marc and the Ferrari mechanics met with thunderous applause from the public to which they responded by clapping and basking in all the affection.

Programmi XX. Along with Gené, once more on the final day of the event the eyes, ears and hearts of fans were drawn by the Ferrari FXX K, making its debut at Silverstone in a Ferrari event, and the other cars of the XX Programmes. The extraordinary power of the FXX K, with its 1050 hp, 860 of them from the V12 thermal engine and 190 from the hybrid system derived from Formula 1, the roar of its engine and its spectacular lines made it the undisputed queen of this edition of the Ferrari Racing Days.

F1 Clienti. In terms of sound, the cars of the F1 Clienti programme also had their say at Silverstone, with the very special drivers enjoying a taste of the V8 and V10 aspirated engines that wrote some memorable pages of the sport’s history. Marc Gené and Olivier Beretta, very special tutors for equally special customers, helped them fully exploit the potential of the car.

Paddock. In the paddock, the entire Ferrari range attracted the attention of the public although, in particular, many wanted to take a picture of the LaFerrari Aperta, the iconic car of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary whose ongoing celebrations recently culminated with the Fiorano event in early September. However, Britain too has been a venue for big celebrations that continued at Silverstone with an extraordinary parade of cars on Saturday.

Challenge. On Saturday and Sunday the Ferrari Challenge Europe added that soupcon of glamour that only races can provide. The one-make series saw victories for Daniele Di Amato, Philipp Baron, Chris Froggatt and Henry Hassid. The three championship leaders remain Daniele Di Amato in the Trofeo Pirelli, Jens Liebhauser in the Pirelli AM and Johnny Laursen in the Coppa Shell. The next meeting is from 6 to 8 October at Imola.


Challenge Europe – Wins at Silverstone for Baron, Froggatt and Hassid

Posted: 24.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Silverstone, 24 September 2017 – The second day of the Ferrari Challenge Europe at Silverstone was packed with drama and entertainment, featuring exciting races, a new winner and some encores by Saturday’s victors. Philipp Baron triumphed in the Trofeo Pirelli, Chris Froggatt won again in the Trofeo Pirelli AM while Henry Hassid once again seized the spoils in the Coppa Shell.

Trofeo Pirelli. The Trofeo Pirelli again opened the day’s proceedings. Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) started best from pole while Daniele Di Amato was off the pace at the wheel of the 488 Challenge of CDP, to the point that Sam Smeeth (Strastone Ferrari), looking to recover after mechanical problems on Saturday, overtook him and moved into second place. Di Amato was immediately on the tail of the British driver and passed him before setting off after Baron. However, his run was stymied by the race officials who adjudged his overtaking of Smeeth illegal and made him relinquish the position. Di Amato still managed to reclaim second place while Grossmann closed in on Smeeth. The British driver was looking like he would hold off the German when he was involved in an accident with Denmark’s Palle Kjaersgaard who spun in front of him touching his car. Smeeth had to retire in what was a racing weekend to forget for him. Baron recorded his first win of the season ahead of Di Amato, who still tops the championship standings, and Bjorn Grossmann. They were followed in fourth by Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa Pellin-Racing).

Pirelli AM. The Trofeo Pirelli AM saw another winning performance by Chris Froggatt, absolutely unbeatable on his home track. The driver of the 488 Challenge of HR Owen dominated from qualifying, to the point of even annoying the drivers of the higher class. Behind him Josh Cartu and Martin Nelson put on the best show, with a long fight for third place behind championship leader Jens Liebhauser (Formula Racing). Shortly after mid-race Cartu and Nelson came into contact: the Swede lost many positions and his title chances now appears compromised. The final step of the podium went to Christian Overgaard (Baron Service) while Holger Harmsen (Lueg Sportivo) was the best of the 458 Challenge EVO drivers, overtaking Galip Atar (Octane 126) in the championship standings.

Coppa Shell. The day again concluded with the Coppa Shell, which offered its usual thrills right from the off. Henry Hassid (Charles Pozzi) started slowly, allowing Erich Prinoth (Ineco MP-Racing) to attempt to pull up alongside him on the first corner. In the end the Italian had to drop back but still went into the first turn with a bad trajectory that brought him into contact with Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing) who was forced to go wide and ended up behind Fons Scheltema. The Danish championship leader rapidly overtook the Dutchman of Kessel Racing and went off in pursuit of Prinoth while further back Eric Cheung (Formula Racing) collided with Manuela Gostner (Ineco MP-Racing) putting an end to his race. Hassid continued to gain seconds to record his fifth win in six outings while Prinoth and Laursen fought a wheel-to-wheel duel until a problem forced the Dane to retire. The fight for third place then shifted to the battle between Christophe Hurni and Tadakazu Kojima (Formula Racing) who despite a fast finish failed to pass the Swiss of Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne. Manuela Gostner was once again very aggressive and despite the initial spin managed to overtake Tina Kok to win first prize in the Ladies’ Cup. The next meeting is from 6 to 8 October at Imola.


Corse Clienti 2018 Calendars revealed – Entertainment and excitement on 20 tracks

Posted: 23.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Silverstone, 23 September 2017 – The Corse Clienti 2018 calendars are packed with great classics, firsts and welcome returns. The Challenge North America and Asia-Pacific schedules were unveiled in recent days and then during a gala evening at Silverstone came the turn of the Challenge Europe, the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti. Ferrari activities will take place on 20 tracks.

Challenge Europe. The 2018 season of the European championship of the world’s most famous one-make series will return to its traditional start in Monza on the weekend of 23 to 25 March. Then in late April the championship goes to Silverstone in the UK. This will be followed from 11 to 13 May by Spa-Francorchamps and the Ferrari Racing Days, the main event of the European season which expects a record number of F1 Clienti and XX Programmes cars. In early summer one of the season’s big innovation, the night races that will be held at Misano from 8 to 10 June. From 20 to 22 July the 488 Challenge drivers will go to Brno for the time since 2014, while after the summer break the competition will move on the Barcelona track after twenty years, a stage bound to attract competitors and the public.

Challenge North America. The 2018 season will kick off with the North American series, which after a year’s break will again be the support race for the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona, one of the most important races on the endurance scene. From 8 to 11 March the championship will be in Austin for the North American Ferrari Racing Days, while from 3 to 6 May it will be at Laguna Seca.June will see the inevitable coincidence with the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix, while before the summer break the series will race at the legendary Watkins Glen, one of the continent’s most glamorous tracks. Before the Finali Mondiali, whose venue is yet to be announced, comes a welcome return to Road Atlanta with its thrilling climbs and descents.

Challenge APAC. The Challenge Asia-Pacific also has an exciting calendar, opening together with the Formula 1 world championship at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, Australia, from 22 to 25 March. Two weeks later the Ferrari Challenge will make its first appearance in New Zealand, at Hampton Downs, while the classic Ferrari Racing Days in Shanghai will take place from 24 to 27 May. A Ferrari Racing Days will be also held at Fuji (from 29 June to 1 July), with the 488 Challenges battling it out in the shadow of Japan’s sacred mountain. In late August, the fifth round will be back in the Land of the Rising Sun, but at Suzuka, the world’s most famous “figure eight” layout track. Before the Finali Mondiali, the final round of the season will again be held alongside Formula 1, on the occasion of the Singapore Grand Prix (14-16 September).

F1 Clienti and XX Programmes. The XX Programmes and F1 Clienti calendar is also exciting and spectacular, with nine events plus the Finali Mondiali. It opens in Austin with the Ferrari Racing Days from 9 to 11 March. The following week sees two days of tests (15 to 16 March) on the legendary Road Atlanta track. In April, the scene shifts back to Italy for a special event at Imola from 20 to 22, while May will of course include the Ferrari Racing Days in Shanghai. Late June sees a return to Asia for the Ferrari Racing Days at Fuji from 29 June to 1 July, while before the summer break customers can compete on the demanding turns at Brno for a two-day event that promises to be very interesting. The season’s finale comes when the cars of the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti go to Barcelona (18 to 19 September) and the Paul Ricard (2 to 3 October).


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Di Amato, Froggatt and Hassid win Race-1 at Silverstone

Posted: 23.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Silverstone, 23 September 2017 – Daniele Di Amato, Chris Froggatt and Henry Hassid won the first races of the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe at Silverstone. The races took place during the Ferrari Racing Days, the main event of the European Corse Clienti season featuring appearances from the cars of F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes alongside the 488 Challenges.

Trofeo Pirelli. Racing on Saturday opened with the Trofeo Pirelli. Championship leader Daniele Di Amato, having secured a seventh consecutive pole, set off best beating back early attacks from Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) and then extending his lead with some fast laps. Behind the first two, Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) passed the AM class driver Chris Froggatt, before setting off in pursuit of the leaders. However, the local driver and winner at Silverstone in 2014 soon suffered a technical problem that forced him to retire. Third place thus passed to Alessandro Vezzoni who in turn had to surrender to an attack by Bjorn Grossmann in the 488 Challenge of Octane 126.

Pirelli Am. Chris Froggatt won in the Trofeo Pirelli Am. He had been very strong since qualifying on his home track at the wheel of the 488 Challenge of HR Owen, when he secured a sensational pole position. This season’s stars Jens Liebhauser and Martin Nelson battled it out behind the local driver. The German of Formula Racing eventually prevailed to stretch his lead in the standings to 21 points over his Scuderia Autoropa rival. Christian Overgaard (Baron Service) took fourth, finishing behind his rival despite a total spinout while fighting for fourth place with Josh Cartu (Ferrari Budapest), Tommaso Rocca (Rossocorsa) and Bonamy Grimes (Stratstone Ferrari). Kriton Lendoudis (Formula Racing) was the best of the 458 Challenge EVO drivers.

Coppa Shell. In mid-afternoon, the Coppa Shell offered its usual excitement with many drivers involved in a tooth and nail fight on the British track. Henry Hassid (Charles Pozzi) secured his fourth victory of the season but championship leader Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing) limited the damage by finishing second. An extraordinary James Weiland came third, his best result in the European Championship. Near the finish the Rossocorsa repelled attacks from Switzerland’s Christophe Hurni, driving for Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne. Hassid also won the Gentlemen’s Cup while the Ladies’ Cup went to an on-fire Manuela Gostner who, starting in fifth, triumphed despite suffering a drive-through penalty after contact with Claudio Schiavoni. On Sunday the races start at 2:15 pm and 4 pm local time.


Ferrari Racing Days – Eighty cars on track at Silverstone

Posted: 22.09.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Silverstone, 22 September 2017 – Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone, the main European Corse Clienti event of 2017, kicked off with the first tests in the Challenge and the opening of the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes sessions. The legendary Northamptonshire track, for years the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, will host 80 cars taking part in three activities: the Ferrari Challenge, XX Programmes and F1 Clienti. Along with the sporting side, there will be the Passione Ferrari activities and a paddock full of attractions as part of the company’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

Ferrari Challenge. Silverstone will be hosting the fifth round of the 2017 season of the Ferrari Challenge Europe. No one has yet sealed a title, and while there are clear favourites in some standings, in others the fight is still wide open. In the Trofeo Pirelli Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) and local hero Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) will attempt to give chase to Daniele Di Amato (CDP), who after missing the Valencia debut has proved invincible with five wins in a row. In the Trofeo Pirelli AM the battle is wide open between Jens Liebhauser and Martin Nelson, with the man from Formula Racing overtaking his Scuderia Autoropa rival in the last race at Le Castellet. The balance of power is also clear in the Coppa Shell, with Johnny Laursen well out in front ahead of Eric Cheung in an affair played out entirely within Formula Racing team. Everything is still up in the air in the Trofeo Pirelli 458 class, exclusively for the 458 Challenge EVO, between Galip Atar (Octane 126) and Holger Harmesn (Lueg Sportivo).

XX Programmes.The cars of the XX Programmes are also eagerly anticipated. This is the Silverstone debut of the FXX K, the most recent car of this exclusive Corse Clienti activity, which packs 1050 hp, 860 from the heat engine and 190 from the HY-KERS system derived from Formula 1. Thirteen FXX Ks will line up alongside eleven 599XXs and 599XX EVOs, and three FXXs, the first car of this type of programme that can call on exclusive tutors such as Olivier Beretta and Marc Gené.

F1 Clienti. The Spaniard will be the reference point of the special customers of F1 Clienti, the Ferrari programme that provides the Formula 1 cars of the most successful scuderia in the world to an exclusive group of owners. Cars on track to note include the F2002, the record making single-seater with which Michael Schumacher became world champion in July of that year, after the French Grand Prix; The F2003-GA, also world Drivers’ and Constructors’ champion with the German ace, and an F2008 belonging to current Scuderia Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikkonen. Aside from his role as a tutor Marc Gené will also feature on track in the F1 show on Sunday.

In the paddock. The Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone promises to be a memorable event not only for its track activities. The new paddock of the famous British circuit will host a display of all the Challenge cars of the past, in celebration of the arrival of the 488 Challenge, the new car of the most famous single-make series in the world. Unveiled at the 2016 Finali Mondiali at Daytona the car made its debut at the start of the 2017 championships. Fans can also see the entire range on display, including the 812 Superfast, an extraordinary 12-cylinder car. The LaFerrari Aperta, iconic car of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebrations, will also put on a good show, while visitors can treat themselves to a gift from the official Ferrari store.