XX – F1 Clienti – Forty-three cars take to the track at Mugello

Posted: 26.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Scarperia, 26 April 2016 – The first of two days of free practice for the Ferrari XX Programmes and F1 Clienti special drivers were held on Tuesday at the Mugello Circuit. Eighteen of the new FXX K models were on show in the Tuscan hills. There were also four 599XXs and 11 599XX EVOs as well as the FXX, the forerunner car of this exclusive Prancing Horse project.

Formula 1. The 37 cars of the XX Programmes were also accompanied by 13 of the most successful Formula 1 cars in the history of Ferrari. There was a pair of F2001s, and one F2002, a record holder along with the F2004. Then there was an F2003-GA, an F2005 and a 248 F1 from 2006, the last car driven by the great Michael Schumacher in his Scuderia Ferrari career. Finally, there were also the cars that delivered the last two world championship titles to Maranello: a F2007 driven by Kimi Raikkonen and four F2008s crewed by the Finn and Felipe Massa. They were rounded off by an F10 and F150° Italia of Fernando Alonso.

Programme. The first day included eight free practice sessions, with another eight planned for the final day on Wednesday. However, Corse Clienti will stay at Mugello, where the weekend sees the second round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe season, the last Italian stage, with 41 Ferrari 458 Challenge EVOs due to compete. Two races will take place as usual on both Saturday and Sunday.



Circuit Sochi Autodrom
Date 01.05.2016
Laps 53
Distance 309,745 km / 192,508 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF16-H 314
Scuderia Ferrari retired / accident
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF16-H 317
Scuderia Ferrari 3.


Russian Grand Prix – Raikkonen on the podium in Sochi

Posted: 01.05.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi third. Sebastian out of luck, hit shortly after the start

1 May 2016 – Kimi Raikkonen came third in the Russian Grand Prix. The Finn lost a place to Valtteri Bottas in the early stages, but a clever strategy saw Kimi retake third off his fellow countryman after his only pit stop. Raikkonen thus moves up to third in the Drivers’ classification, after four rounds of the World Championship. Sebastian Vettel’s Russian Grand Prix lasted just a few hundred metres. The German got off the line well, but was hit twice by Daniil Kvyat in the Red Bull, which sent him spinning into the barriers on the outside of Turn 3. Nico Rosberg won for Mercedes.


Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Circuit 30 April

Posted: 30.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: The whole weekend has been tricky: for whatever reason, I struggled all the time to put one decent lap together. In qualifying it was a bit better, but I was still fighting with the front end in a few places. It could have been good enough for a second or a third place on the grid, but on my last lap I completely missed the last corner and slid away. Obviously I’m a disappointed with what happened, but considering how difficult it has been, this result it’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing. At least we are in third place at the start, we’ll see what happens tomorrow, I think in the race it’s going to be better.

Sebastian Vettel: Yesterday we lost some time, but today I think we recovered. Now I’m waiting for the race. I will start seventh which is not where we belong, so we should be quicker than the other cars around and go from there. The car is good, so I am confident for tomorrow. We are not the favorites, but there’s always a chance. I hope not to get it wrong this time. For sure we need to start improving as soon as possible, that’s why we are pushing very hard. We are doing everything we can, we have a new engine here, and I think we are on the right way, but we still see that other people, especially Mercedes, are doing a good job as well. If you want to be the best you need to be ready to tackle the best. I have high confidence, but let’s keep our feet on the ground. It is easy to get overexcited and for sure now we would like to be first, but that’s the nature of the game. We are wisely spending our energy looking at ourselves, trying to make improvements. Time will teach us…


Russian Grand Prix – Scuderia Ferrari second and fourth in qualifying

Posted: 30.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Seb two places higher than Kimi in Sochi

30 April 2016 – At the end of today’s qualifying at Russia’s Sochi Circuit, Sebastian Vettel was second fastest with a lap in 1.36.123. Behind the German came Valtteri Bottas for Williams, while Kimi Raikkonen was fourth in 1.36.663. Vettel has a five place grid penalty following a gearbox change and so he starts from the fourth row of the grid tomorrow. Pole position went to Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes who posted a best time of 1.35.417.

Russian GP – Working on two fronts

Posted: 30.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Seb “catches-up” on race simulation. 3rd and 4th on qualifying sims.

Sochi, 30 April – Ferrari finished third and fourth in the final hour of free practice for the Russian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel ran Supersofts to post the third fastest lap of 1.37.007, behind the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton (1.36.403) and Nico Rosberg (1.36.471.) In the first part of the session, Seb did long run work to make up for the time lost yesterday. Kimi Raikkonen started off on Soft tyres, but then switched to the softest compound for a simulation run.

Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Circuit, 29 April

Posted: 29.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: ”It was not an ideal day, one of those days you struggle to make the tires work and get the car where you want. I wasn’t doing any proper lap, but today it’s only practice, I’m sure we can improve for tomorrow. Overall I think we just have to work on the set up to make it as we want and then it should be ok. We have a new engine and new parts on the car, so far it has been working well. We wouldn’t use any new thing if we did not expect it to be good.”

Sebastian Vettel: ”Looks like we had an electric problem, but I am sure we can fix it. Still, it is a shame, because now we are lacking some laps, especially in the long runs on race trims, which would have allowed us to see how competitive we are. But Kimi did the homework for the team, so it is not too bad. Also, here in Russia we know roughly what to expect. I think we can still learn a lot from what other people did. In Qualifying trim we still have some stuff to improve. I think the car was getting better though. The track was quite dirty in the morning and then during the day it came more towards us. I felt happier as the day continued, it’s true that for the race we are lacking a bit of information, but we will see tomorrow morning, when we have another practice session.”


Russian GP – Work in all areas

Posted: 29.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Vettel 2nd fastest, but stopped by an electrical problem. Kimi does a race simulation

Sochi, 29 April – After the morning was spent focusing on an evaluation of new aero parts, in the afternoon in Sochi the team also looked at race pace. The track surface is evolving gradually and Sebastian Vettel set the second fastest time, running Supersoft tyres to post a 1.38.235.

The German only managed ten laps, stopping on track with an electrical problem during a qualifying simulation run. In the other SF16-H, Kimi Raikkonen completed 35 laps on his way to fourth fastest in 1.38.793. Topping the time sheet was Lewis Hamilton (1.37.583) in the Mercedes. Splitting Vettel and Raikkonen was Nico Rosberg who produced a 1.38.450, running Soft tyres on the other Mercedes.


Russian GP – A very Soft start

Posted: 29.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Ferraris third and fourth without running softest compound

Sochi, 29 April –This weekend sees the third running of a Russian Grand Prix and in this morning’s first free practice session, the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were third and fourth fastest.

After an installation lap on the Medium tyres, the two SF16-Hs took to the track using two sets of Softs: Vettel did 19 laps on his way to third place in 1.39.175, while Raikkonen did one less lap to be fourth in 1.39.332. Today’s priority was an evaluation of new aerodynamic components. Topping the time sheet was the Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg with a 1.38.127 and Lewis Hamilton in 1.38.849, both men setting their time on the Supersoft tyres.


Russian Grand Prix – “Details can make big differences”

Posted: 28.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi’s plans to fine-tuning for a ‘nice’ track

“In the first races we had some struggles, but at least we got some points out of it. Our aim is to always do better, having a normal weekend, hopefully with no issues. It is a hard season but we have to keep working and make progress. We know we have things to be done and improved but we have a good package which would allow us to go quite happy in the race weekend. There are small details that can make a big difference in an overall result and we have to get the maximum out of it. We have to improve the areas we know we are not very happy with, making things better and driving better. About what happened in China, it’s not ideal but it’s part of racing and it’s in the past already, and anyway we managed to make a pretty good recovery and it was not a disaster. This track is quite nice. In the past years it has been quite tricky to make the tires work, especially on a short run. Last year the weather was pretty poor. This weekend probably for the first time we are going to have nice weather all the time, hopefully we are going to have a normal practice and go from there, but making fast laps is never easy, so we’ll see what we can do tomorrow and move from there.”


Russian Grand Prix – “It’s about putting things together”

Posted: 28.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Seb “not overly concerned” after first three races

“We didn’t have the first three races that we were looking for, but I think we are in a better position than last year. It is natural to have a sense of pressure, especially from myself. There have been races where I was very happy for what I’ve done and there have been occasions in which I know I didn’t do my best, but that’s how it is. Usually, when you finish second the year before in the Championship overall, you want to be the best team next year. We said many times we are happy with the car, we are on the right track. We are not overly concerned. I think it’s about putting things together and things coming together as well. For sure we are not sitting here waiting to have a lucky race. We are working very hard and we want to make progresses. The race is on Sunday and there’s always a chance. So, for now we have to focus on Friday and then go from there. Honestly, I think about how I feel with the car and our feeling is good. We look at ourselves and not too much at the others.”


Russian Grand Prix – Powering through the Olympic Village

Posted: 26.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Mattia Binotto talk us through the Russian GP challenges

Maranello, 26 April – For its third edition, the Russian Formula One Grand Prix moves from Autumn to Spring time, as the fourth race on the calendar. Introducing the track which unwinds through the 2014 Winter Olympics Village are Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel and Power Unit Director Mattia Binotto.

This year will mark Seb’s third time at Sochi, the second as a Scuderia Ferrari driver: “The track is located in the Olympic Park, where the Winter Games were held, it’s something quite unique. It’s an exciting circuit with a lot of 90 degrees corners. The track is quite floating, so there are not hard stops. It’s not that easy to overtake but overall quite high grip and good fun. I think that a lot of Russians enjoying the fact the Formula 1 is happening there so, it’s definitely a good Grand Prix.”

There is a factor that will affect everyone in the race: “Usually Russia is quite hard in fuel consumption. In the last two years, though, we saw that tires last very long. So, it becomes important to make sure you’re able to race flat out and you have a fast car in qualifying and you carry that into the race to ensure you have a good and strong result.”

According to Binotto, Sochi presents many challenges on both engine and chassis side. “There are very long straights, very high speed corners, but you also have high speed braking and low traction hairpins. Probably even more important than sheer power is the entire Power Unit, together with the energy management because somehow you need to get the balance right between the long straight which require high accelerations, the corners, every other part of the circuit, and finally to optimize the best lap time and the energy management between the internal combustion engine and the whole system. In terms of race management, the drivers’ lines can be very different in Russia. There are quite a few opportunities for overtaking and therefore it is quite important to manage correctly the way you accelerate the car by using different strategies in the race, compared to qualifying in hybrid and Power Unit energy management.” Fuel management will also be a factor at Sochi: “Fuel consumption is another difficult point in Russia. When we were there two years ago we immediately realized that the 100 kg maximum allowance for the entire race was quite restrictive. In fact, you need somehow to save and manage the fuel during the race and optimize it for the race distance. Also, the very long corner number three, with its high centrifugal acceleration, can prove to be difficult for the oil pick-up and thus affect the lubrication system”.



Another award for the 488 GTB

Posted: 21.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

The V8 berlinetta is Robb Report UK “Supercar of the Year”

London, 21 April 2016 – The incredible Ferrari 488 GTB continues to garner the accolades from the world’s automotive and lifestyle media with another “Supercar of the Year” award – this time from Robb Report UK which has been launched on newsstands and online today. The first issue of the UK edition includes the inaugural “Cars of the Year” awards which recognises the best cars launched in the last 12 months.

Erin Baker, Automotive Editor of Robb Report UK, Editor of Goodwood Road&Racing and Telegraph Cars Columnist, declared: “Ferrari has entered new territory and gone straight to the top of the class. The 488 will kiss 60mph in three seconds and accelerate to 205 mph in the manner of a surface-to-air missile. Even by Ferrari standards this car feels astonishingly fast.”

Meanwhile, Harry Metcalfe, founder and ex-editor of EVO magazine, went so far as to say: “ The 488 is a game-changer for the junior supercar class.” And, fellow Cars of the Year judge, Ben Oliver, Contributing Editor at CAR magazine, summarised his experience as: “performance is nothing short of outrageous and that’s before we even mention the sublime chassis.” “It remains intoxicating to drive”.

The Ferrari 488 GTB has won many awards from media in many different countries, making it one of the most successful Ferrari cars of all time in terms of award wins. As Ferrari’s first foray into turbo-charging since the iconic F40 of 1987, the 488 GTB delivers 670hp in a progressive and linear way that encourages drivers to push the engine to the maximum, while also delivering the iconic flat-plane crank sound of a Ferrari V8.


Scuderia Ferrari – All Access Experience

Posted: 19.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari creates a new experience of the life of the Team, a platform where passionate Formula 1 racing fans can come to feel directly connected with the Scuderia Ferrari team by accessing the most exclusive content.



Tour Auto Optic 2000 – The 25th edition concludes in Cannes

Posted: 24.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

The 237 participants arrive at the final destination

The 25th edition of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 concluded yesterday at Cannes with a victory of the team from Argentina:  Martin H. and Francisco Sucari with the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta in the regularity category.  The 2000 kilometers were driven along beautiful French roads accompanied by lovely sunshine. Once again this event was an incredible succes and we are already looking forward to next year.


Three 308 Gr4 fight at the Tour Auto Optic 2000

Posted: 23.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari Classiche put on a fantastic show in France

Following a very warm welcome at the Grand Palais for the unveiling of the Tailor Made tribute to the 308 Gr4 Pioneer, these legendary classic cars took to the most beautiful roads of France during the Tour Auto Optic 2000. Three different 308 Gr4 are together for the 25th anniversary a great spectacle for all Ferrari fans.

The participants of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 at the half – way mark

Posted: 20.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

More than 600 km already covered over the impressive route

After the departure Tuesday morning from the Grand Palais at Paris, the competitors on the Tour Auto Optic 2000 have driven more than 600 km, taking in two legendary tracks: Dijon Prenois and La Bresse. The new California T Handling Speciale is amongst the modern Ferraris taking part and a small number of leading journalists are testing the car over the demanding French roads.

The participants of the Tour Optic 2000 finish the first stage

Posted: 18.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

300 km covered on Tuesday

After a departure early in the morning from the Grand Palais in Paris, the drivers on the Tour Auto Optic 2000 covered the first section of the route to Beaune. An emblematic “rendez vous” at the track of Dijon Prenois offered the public their first sight of historic cars racing this year. More than 30 modern Ferrari cars joined this automotive celebration to the delight of the passionate spectators lining the roads.


Two stars at the Grand Palais

Posted: 18.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

The GTC4Lusso and a 488 GTB Tailor Made for the departure of the Tour Auto Optic 2000

Paris, 18 April – The departure of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 is the occasion for Ferrari to unveil for the first time in France the GTC4Lusso at the Grand Palais. This very important “rendez-vous” is also the occasion for Ferrari to present a unique version of its 488 GTB. In association with its Parisian dealer Charles Pozzi, the very exclusive Tailor Made program imagined a car which pays homage to the 308 Gr4 Pioneer driven by Jean Claude Andruet and two times winner of the Tour de France Auto in 1981 and 1982.



Circuit Shanghai International Circuit
Date 17.04.2016
Laps 56
Distance 305,066 km / 189,600 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF16-H 314 Scuderia Ferrari 2.
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF16-H 317 Scuderia Ferrari 5.


Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai Circuit 17 April

Posted: 17.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “I have no idea of what happened at the start, I suddenly got hit and spun. I had a puncture in the left front tire and a front wing damage, but I managed to get back to the pits. Once I went back on track I found myself more or less in last position, the car felt a bit tricky, but I tried to do my best to charge thorugh the field. At the beginning I struggled a bit, but then I managed to recover some places. Obviously the fifth position is not ideal and not what we were looking for, but after what happened it’s not a disaster. Seb came to apologize to me afterwards and it’s obvious he didn’t run into me on purpose. Unfortunately this does not change things for the race but it’s only the third round of a long season…”

Sebastian Vettel: “What happened at the first lap, in the end, is a racing incident. From my side I didn’t really know where to go, I was sandwiched between Kimi and Daniil. Obviously I am terribly sorry for what has happened, I mean touching the car with the same colors is not right. It was a shame, because it destroyed both of our races, Kimi’s and mine. At the end of the day we’ve been lucky because we were still able to continue. The safety car helped us to sort of come back. Kimi locked up in turn one. I tried to go inside to pass him. Daniil was behind me. He had a better start and was lining up for the same move initially. I was determined to overtake Kimi. Daniil was determined to overtake me. Kimi came back from the left, Kvyat came from the back from the right and I was reacting to him. I tried to back out of it, going off throttle and hitting the brakes, but there was no way, so I had contact with Kimi which is a shame, the car was damaged after that, but obviously a great recovery by the Team, which managed to stay calm initially and then change the nose while the safety car was out. Overall we had great pace, good strategy, fantastic pit stops, I couldn’t have asked for more after this poor first lap. Hopefully in Russia we have a smoother race!”

Pos. Time Gap Laps FL Lap
RAIKKONEN 5th 1:39:59.763 + 65.872 56 1:40.593 40
1st stop Lap 1 New Soft
2nd stop Lap 14 New Medium
3rd stop Lap 37 New Soft
VETTEL 2nd 1:39:31.667 + 37.776 56 1:40.610 37
1st stop Lap 4 New Supersoft
2nd stop Lap 17 New Soft
3rd stop Lap 35 New Soft
Weather: air 23/24 °C, asphalt 35/37 °C. Sunny


Chinese Grand Prix – Ferrari on the podium in Shanghai

Posted: 17.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Vettel second, Raikkonen fifth

17 April 2016 –Scuderia Ferrari leaves China with a second and fifth place. Within seconds of the start, both drivers faced an uphill battle in their SF16-Hs, when Vettel clipped Raikkonen at the first corner. Both drivers had to pit for a nose change and then adopted an aggressive strategy to make up ground. Their climb up the order was a feature of the final stages of the race, as they thus consolidated Ferrari’s second place in the Constructor’s classification. Nico Rosberg won the Chinese Grand Prix for Mercedes.


Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai Circuit, 16 April

Posted: 16.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t think I deserved to be in the top three today. We saved tyres, so we start tomorrow on Supersofts. I thought I could make it in the last lap, but my only run wasn’t special overall. I asked too much from my tyres already at the beginning and then I did a couple of small mistakes here and there, which cost me a lot of lap time. So in the end my run was not so good, but this is how it is and we can’t change it now.
All in all, I think it has been a good weekend for us so far, and I think tomorrow it can be even better. Race strategies are different from one team to another, which is interesting. Maybe we can have already a shoot at the start, the one we had in Australia was very good so perhaps we can repeat it. Our target is to go forward from where we are…

Kimi Raikkonen: “It’s more of a disappointment than anything else: today we had the chance of getting a better result. I don’t know if pole position could have been possible, but for sure we could have easily been second fastest. In the second last corner I ran wide and lost a lot of time. The position could have been much worse after that mistake, but we still have third place, which is not such a bad starting point for the race. It’s hard to predict what will happen tomorrow, it will depend on so many factors, the weather and the different tactics from the teams. In the race things are different: we’ll try to do our maximum, be the fastest and see where it brings.”


Chinese Grand Prix – Second row for the Scuderia

Posted: 16.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Raikkonen and Vettel to start third and fourth

16 April 2016 –Tomorrow’s Chinese Grand Prix will feature an all-Ferrari second row, after Kimi Raikkonen qualified third ahead of Sebastian Vettel. The Finn posted a 1.35.972, on a lap that was just 274 thousandths of a second faster than his team-mate’s best time. After rain in this morning’s third free practice session, qualifying took place on a dry track. The SF16-Hs were first and second in Q1 and again in Q2. Pole went to Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes, with a lap in 1.35.402.


Chinese Grand Prix – Rain for final practice

Posted: 16.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

A wet track throughout final free practice

Shanghai, 16 April – As forecasted, Saturday in Shanghai saw heavy rain hit the circuit, which thus affected running in the final free practice session. It was not until 15 minutes into the session that cars began to venture out on track, when the rain which had fallen since early morning, eased off slightly. Sebastian Vettel was quickest with a 12.57.351, although the times meant little, on his only run on rain tyres. Kimi Raikkonen was twelfth in 2.00.812 set on intermediates, having previously done three laps on the wets.


Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai Circuit, 15 April

Posted: 15.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “It has been quite a difficult day overall, I was struggling to get the grip on the tires probably due to the wind. I was sliding a lot and this feeling was not very nice. When I put the Supersofts they seemed to work better, I had more grip and this helped to have a pretty good lap. We’ll see how the weather conditions turn out to be tomorrow, we’ll try to make a good day and then get the maximum out of the race.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Friday is not so important in terms of position but in terms of feeling. We had a decent day and the feeling with the car was ok, but we can still improve, especially the balance. Tonight we’ll have a lot of work to do, in order to get on top of everything. For sure to go for pole is always our goal, but it’s only Friday so I would’t stress too much. This track is quite brutal on tyres, I was sliding a lot and there was a lot of degradation. I looked at Kimi’s data and saw where he was faster. This afternoon we had different programmes and this is useful to make a comparison because we can learn from each other.”

RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
First Session P5 1:39.155 11 laps P3 1:38.665 12 laps
Weather: air 25/26 °C, asphalt 32/35 °C. Clear skies
Second Session P1 1:36.896 35 laps P2 1:37.005 33 laps
Weather: air 24/28 °C, asphalt 31/34 °C. Overcast


Chinese Grand Prix – Programme completed

Posted: 15.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb got 1st and 2nd in P2

Shanghai, 15 April – The two Ferraris topped the time sheet at the end of the second free practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix, during which they worked on a programme aimed at preparation for Sunday’s race. The track had rubbered in since the morning and in these conditions Kimi Raikkonen posted a 1.36.896 ahead of Sebastian Vettel’s 1.37.005. Behind them came the Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg (1.37.133) and Lewis Hamilton (1.37.329.) Sebastian started the session on the Medium tyres, with Kimi running the Softs, after which they both switched to the Supersofts. The third and final hour of free practice in Shanghai gets underway tomorrow at noon.


Chinese Grand Prix – Just a few laps in Shanghai

Posted: 15.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Two red flags to remove track debris

Shanghai, 15 April – There were some on-track hiccoughs in Shanghai, as the third round of the Formula 1 World Championship got underway this morning, with the first free practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix.
Running time featured two lengthy interruptions as the track had to be cleaned to remove debris from Felipe Massa’s Williams and Kevin Magnussen’s Renault, for reasons currently under investigation. First out on track was Sebastian Vettel, who ran the entire session on the Soft tyres, setting the third fastest time of 1.38.665, behind the Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg (1.38.037 ) and Lewis Hamilton (1.38.183.) Kimi Raikkonen was fifth fastest with a 1.39.155 and, unlike his team-mate, he alternated between the Medium and Soft compounds.


Chinese Grand Prix – “Getting the ingredients together”

Posted: 14.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Seb adamant that ‘the potential is there’

“I’ve said many times that this car allows us to ‘play’ more than last year’s car. I believe the potential is there, it is only a question of getting all the ingredients together. It’s no big secret that this year we didn’t have the start to the season that we had hoped for, but on the other hand, I see no reason to panic. It is still very early in the season and the two failures we had, with Kimi in Australia and with myself in Bahrain, are related to two completely different reasons. In the case of my car, we have understood that a small electronic bug caused a big problem. So we had to change the engine for this race, but I am not overly concerned, since we have found the reason for the failure. I am confident that we can still take the fight to the Mercedes this year”.


Chinese Grand Prix – “We can have a strong season”

Posted: 14.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi sure issues are ‘being fixed’

We come here to China as in any other race weekend, we’ll do the normal work and then on Sunday after the race we’ll see how it has paid off. There’s no point to start guessing now where we are going to be. I think that here we have a good chance, we’ll do our maximum and try to have a good result with both cars. For sure we have some work to be done, but we have quite a good package and speed wise we are more or less where we want to be. Let’s see if we can make a good weekend out of it, improving things here and there. The issue we had in the first race was different compared to the one Sebastian had in Bahrain. it’s very unfortunate for the team because we want both cars to finish, we know what the problems are , we fixed the first one and I’m pretty sure the other one is going to be fixed now. This is not ideal but unfortunately these things are part of racing, there are still things to improve but I’m sure we can have a strong season. Our car will be good in every place we go: is it going to be good enough to win? Time will tell. As for the qualifying format, to go back to the 2015 system for sure will be easier for the spectators to follow and more straightforward, and this is a good thing.


Chinese Grand Prix – A Game of Shanghai

Posted: 12.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Raikkonen and Adami talk us through the challenges of the track

Maranello, April 12th – Less than two weeks after the Bahraini round, Formula One moves to China, where a Grand Prix has been held in Shanghai since 2004. Scuderia Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen remembers a brilliant win he achieved here in 2007, which eventually paved the way to his World Champion title with Scuderia Ferrari.
“There were tricky conditions, it was wet to start with and then the track was drying up, so obviously there was a point to change the Intermediates tires and then we got a ride. Obviously not the easiest race to anybody, but we came out quite easily.” The track has changed little over all these years, but remains pretty interesting. “The circuit is quite challenging. First of all, you must mind the start with first few corners where you can get a lot of lap time, if you can get it right though. It’s not an easy circuit, but it’s fun.” Shanghai is a bustling city which offers lots of attractions, but Kimi remains quite unfazed.
“I was always in the middle of the city but I haven’t been out the door. I’ve only been at the circuit and in the hotel, so all I can say is that sometimes in the morning the traffic can be really tricky”.

Time to throw the floor open to Riccardo Adami, Sebastian Vettel’s race engineer, for a technical review of the Shanghai International Circuit:
“It will be a challenge in setting up the car because we have a very long straight and also slow speed and high speed corners, so we should try to find the trade-off between those particular aspects of the track with the set-up of the car. Shanghai is a circuit with a particular shape. Turn 1 is a corner with longitudinal and lateral load transfers. So, we’ll try to find the right compromise between braking, but also the stability of the car in the corner.” And the challenges don’t end there: “The weather usually is very unpredictable. Over the last few years we have challenged ourselves with cold and rainy conditions. So, especially when it is cold, the front tackle becomes weaker, so then we need to tackle the set-up in this regard in order to find the good balance of the car”
This kind of track can make an engineer’s life hard, but luckily there are moments of relief: “China is not a big issue with the braking because there is not a high energy under braking circuit, even if it can be tricky with the balance of the car as I said for Turn 1, but also the other braking places on the track. So, we need anyways to raise our attention on this topic.” Finally, a word on the new challenges brought in by the 2016 regulations: “This year we will also have a third compound available, the Supersoft tire, while last year we had only Mediums and Softs, therefore it will be a very important item to understand the behavior of this compound in performance and degradation. So, we need to address a proper programme in order to find the right strategy for Sunday.”



Ferrari announces voting results from its Annual General Meeting

Posted: 15.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Maranello (Italy), 15 April 2016 – Ferrari N.V. (“Ferrari”) (NYSE/MTA: RACE) announced today that all resolutions proposed to Shareholders at Ferrari’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held today in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands (the “AGM”), were passed.

The Shareholders adopted the 2015 Annual Accounts and re-elected all current directors of Ferrari. Amedeo Felisa and Sergio Marchionne were re-elected as executive directors of Ferrari. Piero Ferrari, Louis C. Camilleri, Giuseppina Capaldo, Eduardo H. Cue, Sergio Duca and Elena Zambon were re-elected as non-executive directors of Ferrari. In addition, the Shareholders appointed Delphine Arnault, John Elkann, Lapo Elkann, Maria Patrizia Grieco and Adam Keswick as new non-executive directors of Ferrari.

The Shareholders also delegated to the Board of Directors authority to purchase common shares of Ferrari up to a maximum of 10% of Ferrari’s issued common shares as of the date of the AGM. Pursuant to the authorization, which does not entail any obligation for Ferrari but is designed to provide additional flexibility, Ferrari may purchase shares of its own common stock from time to time in the 18 months following the AGM, at a price not higher than 10% above or not more than 10% below the average of the closing price on the NYSE and/or MTA for the five business days prior to the date of the purchase.

Following today’s approval of the Annual Accounts by the Shareholders, Ferrari will be in a position to proceed with a cash distribution to the holders of common shares of Euro 0.46 per common share, corresponding to a total distribution of approximately Euro 87 million. Payment date is May 30, 2016, as previously approved by the Board of Directors of Ferrari.



A California T for Adam Levine

Posted: 13.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

The Maroon 5 lead singer joined the ‘Ferrari Heaven’ in Sonoma

Sonoma, 13th April – This past weekend Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 pop group, cruised through the scenic wine country of Sonoma in Northern California with wife Behati Prinsloo in the very fitting California T Grand Tourer. The couple stopped by the Sonoma Raceway to check out the Ferrari Challenge weekend races in the striking ‘Blu California’ twin turbo V8. The California T joined the corral of hundreds of Ferraris from around the Bay Area, leading the singer to dub the atmosphere ‘Ferrari heaven’. Despite the unseasonably gloomy weather, the couple in the California T brightened the day.



A double celebration for Ferrari in Taipei

Posted: 13.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Celebrating ten years in Taiwan with a new showroom

Taipei, April 13 – A double ceremony has been held by Ferrari in Taipei, marking the opening of the new Ferrari Flagship Service Center and Showroom, as well as celebrating the tenth anniversary of the brand’s arrival on the Taiwanese market. Presiding over the event was Finnish racing driver Kimi Raikkonen, who was welcomed to the five-storey building housing the dealership (Modena Motors Taiwan) with a round of rapturous applause from the large crowd, who had gathered in spite of the pouring rain. Kimi took part in the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, and met with the local press. Before getting back on the road to Shanghai, where the third race of the season is due to be held on Sunday, the Finn commented on the Taiwanese hospitality: “I never dreamed that I’d be so popular in the Far East, and I’m delighted with the reception I’ve had here today”.


A taste of California T in Essen

Posted: 06.04.2016
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari presents the California T HS at the 28th Techno-Classica Essen 6th – 10th April 2016

Essen/Wiesbaden, 6th of April 2016 The Techno-Classica motor show is world renowned for presenting the best of vintage, classic and prestige automobiles and thus befitting this occasion Ferrari has presented today a unique California T HS designed by Ferrari’s Tailor Made service in tribute to the famous 250 SWB (short-wheel base) once belonging to Eric Clapton.
The exterior paint in Grigio Scuro with the Rosso Corsa racing stripes was created by the use of a paint sample to achieve an almost exact shade to closely mirror the original paint. The leather work on the interior in heritage bourdoux continues the design elements within.
The California T also shows off the Handling Speciale option recently launched at the Geneva motor show which offers a series of specific calibrations and a set-up that lends an extra driving edge, especially in the manettino’s Sport mode. This bespoke solution incorporates new damper settings and modified springs that make the car stiffer which results in an even sportier feedback, aided and abetted by the new engine sound that increases as revs rise.
On an aesthetic level, certain elements have been highlighted to underscore the HS package’s sporty vocation while still retaining the California T’s signature elegance and sophistication. These include the new front grille in matte Grigio Ferro Met and the rear diffuser in the same colour with matte black fences and matte black tailpipes. A special plaque in the cockpit also indicates that the car sports the HS optional package.
The Ferrari stand at the Techno-Classica Essen is hosted by Eberlein Automobile GmbH and can be found in Hall 3, Stand 133.
To complete the display, the following Ferrari models are also presented:
– 250 GTE 2+2, build year 1963 (Ferrari Classiche certified)
– 365 GTB Daytona, build year 1971 (Ferrari Classiche certified)
– Ferrari 365 GTC/4, build year 1972 (Ferrari Classiche certified)
– Ferrari 512 BB, build year April 1981
– 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, build year 2001 (Ferrari Classiche certified)
– Super America, build year 2006

Four official Ferrari Dealerships in Germany are authorised Ferrari Classiche partners:


Eberlein Automobile GmbH
Leipziger Straße 284,
34123 Kassel

Autohaus Saggio GmbH
Zamdorferstr. 86
81677 Munich


Niki Hasler AG
Hardstrasse 15
CH-4052 Basel

Modena Cars SA
21 Chemin des Aulx – 1228 Plan-les-Ouates



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